Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break and Sick Days!

Andrew had spring break two weeks ago. We had a list of fun things we wanted do such as: visit the candy factory and have a picnic at the Platte River and Megan getting in one last good run before the half marathon. We also had a list of things that we needed to get done such as: Andrew getting some of his shadowing hours done, cleaning out the closets and getting the oil changed in the car. We did get the closets cleaned out and we got the oil changed, then disaster struck in the form of the stomach flu and most of our plans were thwarted.

Alex was hit the hardest and spent the day crying because he was throwing up or was about to throw up. Mckenna was on a off and seemed fine most of the time. She did have a  diminished appetite, so we kept trying to get her to eat, then we quickly regretted that when it all came back. I always slept in my mom and dad's bed when I was sick so I thought it was adorable when Alex finally fell asleep on my bed that evening. Andrew's form of cleaning is to first make a huge mess, as I was trying to go through boxes Mckenna tumbled off a tote she had climbed onto. I was holding and trying to soothe her when she threw up all over both of us, a lot. While running a bath and stripping out of my disgusting clothes Alex came in and told me he had thrown up a little on my bed. Yeah try a lot. 

Thinking we had put the yuckiness behind us we went to Hammond's Candy Factory a couple days later.

It was great! We saw a video then got to watch the candy makers in the kitchen. Alex and Mckenna both thought the free sample was the best part.

We got to spend time shopping, really exciting stuff, you know a new vacuum and carpet cleaner (since some spots in our apartment smell like throw-up). Plus we went to Outdoor world, where Alex was super excited about the fish and where I struggled to get a picture of him and the big catfish. 
Sadly by the time we got home I had come to the realization that I had not escaped the stomach bug. After an evening of grossness I got up in the night and was so sick I passed out briefly, the only thing that made the world stop spinning was laying on the floor. I called Andrew to come help me, he stood by my side for a moment then washed his hands and slipped back to bed without a word. Thank you so much Student Dr. Alton. When I stood up to wash my hands and saw how pale I was in the mirror I was so scared, I can't believe he wasn't more concerned about me. 

Anyway I then spent the next two days taking it easy and did not get to do my final long run. We didn't get to make the most of Andrew's final spring break as a student and I think I need a do-over.  

I'm working on a list of things I want to do before Andrew started rotations so I guess that will have to do. 

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