Monday, September 21, 2009

Nursery Leaders and Graduation Papers!!

Yep, after volunteering to help in the Nursery one week you are extended the calling!!! Andrew and I now are Nursery leaders in the ward, yesterday was our first day officially, not the first since we'd already been in there due to Andrew volunteering. Things went smoothly, except we don't have a manual yet so we kind of just wing it, which we will probably do even when we do get a manual, we just will feel worse because then we'll know what we should be doing. Anyway, we are enjoying ourselves so far, the weird thing is that we'll only be in there once a month, twice if there is a fifth Sunday, because we combine with another ward for nursery so it might be harder to get a routine going. Oh well, we are excited to serve!! (p.s. this is making Andrew super baby hungry!)

My other exciting news is that I turned in my graduation papers today!!! Now it just has to be approved, I have to pay for a cap and gown and diploma and then pass all my classes this semester and next and I will be done!!!!! The papers aren't even due until October 16th so I'm totally on the ball with this. Go me!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Food Storage!!!

Who loves the semi-annual case lot sale at Smiths?????

We do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!