Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Snow Snow!!!

The snow this week, plus no school for Andrew meant two days of sledding!!

 Alex has such a fun daddy who will take him to play in the snow and will sit out in the front yard and attempt a snow fort. Mom hid inside and made hot chocolate.

 Alex enjoyed going down the hill with anyone who would take him, then he got an easy ride back up the hill.

A man who serves in our stake took Christmas pictures for anyone who wanted them one Sunday after church. It was so nice and so fast. Alex didn't want to wear that Santa hat until he saw mom wearing one, then he thought it was great, he still wouldn't smile for the family picture though. Cute kid!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas is coming!!

I have 3 advent calenders or Christmas countdown decorations and I want to make another one. I kind of love them, but then every December I stop updating them in hopes that time may just slow down and I can delay Christmas. Seriously, what is happening to December?

 Alex gets into my sock drawer and gets socks or gloves to put on his hands, the he goes around the house asking me to give him five, or knuckles.

 We put the tree up and got the lights on then we waited a week to decorate the tree because I wanted to do it as a family so we had to get to it before Alex's bed time. Then he dumped all the ornaments on the floor ad threw them all over the room an I spent the night wondering why I wanted to include him so much. After two days of knocking the ornaments off the tree Alex learned that he is not allowed to touch the tree. Now he just plays with his football close to the tree so he can "accidentally" knock them off. 
 We have some fake snow and I asked Andrew to do the windows, this is what he did. I made him wash it off and try again, now it is on the edges and the corners. Silly guy.
 Alex can say Christmas (you might not know that's what he's saying though) and he likes to look at the lights when we drive at night. When we hit an area that doesn't have lights he says "where go?"

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thanksgiving was spent in Moab with the Holyoak family. Here are some of the fun things we did over the weekend while we were together. We went to the park and fed the ducks and fish. Alex wanted to play in the water so badly. The boys made a game of finding things to race down the stream. They were really into it and it was so fun to watch.
 We went and played at the sand hill. I had the really bad idea that we should race up it. By the time I reached the top I thought I was going to die (I run and swim at least 3 times a week, and that hill did me in). Pretty sure my dad was feeling better than me, he paced himself. Now I have this morbid desire to try it again and again until I can feel good about it.
After playing (or recovering) in the sand my dad took us to the Tusher Tunnel. I had been before and had totally forgotten the tunnel. Ha. I'm so glad we have such a fun family to play with.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fun Fall Frenzy

I realize this is major picture overload but I'm trying to catch up and they are fun pics so how could I not include them. These are some of the fun things we did this last fall.

When the leaves changed we headed up the canyon and took some super cute family pictures. I'm way impressed with how they turned out.

 My little guy is stinkin cute!!!

 On October 20th we went up north so we could participate in The Night of the Running Dead 5K
We went with Lindsay and Carson and cute Kynlee and met up with my sister in law and her three girls. We spent some time at Hee Haw's Corn Maze. They had a ton of fun activities for the kids, it was totally worth the admission price.

 Our next stop was Gardner Village. I LOVE going there in the fall and seeing the witches!

 There was a stage set up and fun Halloween music playing. The kids loved dancing on the stage. I didn't think Alex would be brave enough, but we ended up having to drag him away. 
Here are the runners before the run. Lindsay and I accidentally dressed alike.
 The run was a little disorganized but we all had a good time.
This is the awesome birthday cake Andrew made for me and Lindsay, its really a brownie though.
 Carving pumpkins! Alex was kind of a stinker that night but the pumpkins turned out super cute. We don't have any pics from Halloween because the camera was missing that week, but we put Alex in the same tiger costume he wore last year. He loved answering the door and saying goodbye to all the trick or treaters.