Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cherry Creek!

We had a fun day at the reservoir and Andrew and I have the sunburns to prove it!! I did manage to put plenty of sunscreen on my kids, somehow I can't manage to do a good job on myself though.

 Snacking on the beach.

I'm grateful for lazy summer days and a wonderful husband who plans fun outings for our family, for a little boy who repeatedly thanked us for taking him to the fun lake and for a cute little girl who couldn't contain her excitement over the water.

Bedroom Makeover Part 1

Instead of studying for the boards like he should have been doing my cute hubby spent his first real week off of school making me a headboard and foot board for our bed. 

 He had lots of help from two little cuties! I helped a little too.

They turned out better than I was expecting and I love them so much!! By the end of the year I hope to have my bedroom makeover completed so stay tuned!! Andrew will be studying for boards for a while now!

Take me out to the Ball Game!!

I really enjoy going to the Rockies games so whenever we find a good deal on tickets, I jump at the chance! I just really enjoy competition, I don't follow sports or athletes but I love when the Olympics come around and I love watching a baseball game every once in a while.
 Mckenna is not wearing pants in this picture because after winding all over looking for our parking lot, the carsickness finally got to her and she threw up all over herself just as we got parked. So even though we left two and a half hours early, traffic, three stops for errands and food and one gross puking episode meant that we missed the first inning.

 I like the brick stadium. And I really like that cute kid!

 Singing "Take me out to the ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch is my favorite!