Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Alex

This little guy cracks me up!

Today when I offered to help him go to the bathroom
Alex - "no I can do it myself, I can do it myself...will you come help me do it myself?"

 One morning while I was in my room and Alex was at the table coloring he came in and I pointed out to him that he had pen on his face, it looked like an accident and he got to look at it in the mirror. Later he came in and stood in front of the mirror and pulled up his shirt, he had drawn all over his belly and his feet! We have now discussed at length that we only draw on paper.
 Helping me go through the clothes (and winter suits) for baby girl.
 This is my favorite story. Alex woke me up the other morning, I put my hand out to help him climb onto my bed, a pair of socks was placed in it, shoes were set on the bed next.
Alex- "I need to go to Lindsay and Carson's house. I'll go get my jacket"
He retrieved his jacket and then climbed on the bed and put the socks on all by himself, he had some help with the shoes and the jacket. The picture above is him showing everyone how he has his shoes on and is ready to go to Lindsay and Carson's (after his breakfast of peanut butter filled pretzels).
After playing in the flour bucket while mom made dinner.

This little guy is so much fun! He is smart and independent but has started wanting to snuggle with mom more and more, that is huge for us because he has always been a daddy's boy. Alex loves to have mom and dad play with him and give him attention, he loves nursery and play group and getting out of the house. He and dad always race mom to the car and we try to see who can buckle up first (mom usually wins because she doesn't have so many buckles to deal with). Alex loves to put all of his cars in some kind of container and carry them around. I have had some empty totes and boxes around the house and he gathers things up from everywhere in order to fill up the boxes.

Alex likes to say prayers and lately he wants to say them by himself, he says "you just listen mom and dad." It is hard because he still needs help. My little buddy does not like bedtime and most nights end up in a bit of a fight. He has to have his current favorite car (right now the speed racer car) in one hand and his sippy of water in the other. He and dad like to make up songs about the animals on his wall after reading stories.

The kid still doesn't want to take the time to eat very often, even when we are having food that we know he likes. He does get very excited about desserts or treats and then a lot of the time he doesn't even finish those. Silly kid. I just love him!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crazy November!

 November ended up being a pretty crazy month for the Alton family. At the beginning of the month my little family traveled to Moab for the purpose of helping my dad clean out his house. The drive was filled with delays and rib pain (due to pregnancy) and a bit of vomit in the backseat. I spent the time thinking about how I was going to get my dad and Marie to get married somewhere closer to my home than Enterprise. After a busy weekend my sisters talked me into going to Cedar City with them so that I wouldn't have to make the long drive from Denver to Cedar twice in one weekend in order to attend Thanksgiving and wedding festivities. So Andrew made his way home and Alex and I had fun with family all month.

My sisters are so wonderful to let me and my active toddler stay with them, thanks so much guys! I felt so lazy the whole time.

 We had so much fun! We got to go to the Red Devil semi-final game.
The Devils won! and the best part for Alex was getting a free "Got Chocolate Milk" sign.

We had a fun day playing in the snow too! We all helped to create a snow woman (carson's contribution was making her female) and Lindsay made the snow child at Alex's request. Afterwards when we looked out the window Alex would always say Carson's snowman and Lindsay's snowman. Somehow I'm the only one who remembers bending over with my pregnant belly and rolling snowballs across the yard.

We went to the park and spent days at the library and played with cars and shopped and ate lots of yummy food, it was a great month.

Then Andrew returned to us and we celebrated THANKSGIVING!

The best part of the month came on the 29th when we celebrated the happy wedding of Dad and Marie! We are so so happy for these two, I am so glad that they can bring each other happiness.
 We wore Alex out, guess he had too much partying,

Yay for happy weddings! My sisters and I made the pillows and the floating frame (sorry the pics not great) for wedding gifts, they were so easy and so fun to make.
I wish my dad and Marie every happiness, I'm so glad my dad found this wonderful woman to keep him from being lonely and to add a bright spot into our lives!
We made the long drive home and I am now busy with Christmas and baby preparations and learning how to cook and clean again after taking a month off.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

We're having a....

Time for the big reveal. Actually it is way way way past time but that is a different story. We FINALLY were able to go to the doctor in Colorado. We had a short ultrasound last week and even though Andrew was 99% sure he knew the gender of the baby, the doctor wasn't willing to verify for us. Today we had the full detailed ultrasound and the gender is....

We are so so excited. Andrew bought an outfit for her last night because he wanted to be the first one to get her something. Isn't that so cute?

I am so ready for the world of headbands and hairbows and dresses and pink, pink, pink!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lovin Halloween!

I had a wonderful birthday! Some of the Young Women's presidency took me out for ice cream, Zach and Courtney brought cookies to our institute class (thanks so much!) and the class sang to me. I came home to a flower delivery with a card that said "Love Dad and Marie." I called my dad to thank him and he said "That was nice of me, I am really nice." Later he admitted that he had nothing to do with the flowers so THANK YOU MARIE!

Andrew and Alex spoiled me so much and then the night ended in a Ladies Night with the RVU wives so it was a great day! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

On Friday my dad and Marie came over so that I could meet Marie. We had a wonderful short evening together. I think Marie is so sweet and kind and I am so excited that she and my dad can bring happiness to each other!

Saturday we were able to go to the Fall Festival hosted by RVU. Alex got to wear his Halloween costume for the first time and he looked adorable!

Becoming Ironman

 Alex loves his costume! After getting it on he kept saying "I'm going to look in the mirror." Once I showed him that the pads on his hands and chest glow in the dark he thought the outfit was even cooler.

 The night ended with the ward Trunk or Treat and chili cook-off.

We of course went through Alex's candy afterward, like good parents. Alex is so sweet, he will share his candy so willingly.

We continued our Halloween preparations tonight by carving our pumpkins. Alex loved cleaning out his pumpkin and he thought it was so great that his dad shared some of the spooky teeth with him.

Megan's, Alex's and then Andrew's

Alex didn't want to leave the pumpkins outside when it was time to go to bed. His pumpkin got to sleep in his room with him.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Perfect Fall Weekend!

We began the weekend on Friday night with Military Appreciation Day at Rocky Vista. Alex and I met Andrew at the school for the ceremony in the evening. We started by having the toast and the moment of silence for the MIA/POW soldiers. A small table is set for them and caps are placed at each setting, there is symbolism in almost every aspect of the setting and the ceremony. It was moving and special to get to be a part of it.

The speaker for the evening was a member of the Tuskegee airmen. I think he is 94 years old and he was fun to listen too. Following the ceremony was Alex's favorite part, the "special treats." It was sandwiches, veggies, chips and cake, but somehow he had in his mind that we were having a special treat. Since he ate his piece of cake and then got to share mom's too it was pretty special.

My wonderful, handsome guys!

Saturday morning we were able to go to Nick's Fall Festival. It is a nursery where they do events for fall and the best part is there is no admission fee!

See our awesome attempt at taking our own family pictures? Anyone want to come and take pictures for us?

Alex's "cheese" face has turned into this. As hard as I tried all day to get a real smile I couldn't do any better. 

We took pictures, explored the pumpkins, got lost in the hay bale maze, and Alex got to enjoy a bouncy castle. It made for such a fun morning and now we have pumpkins that we get to carve next weekend!

Andrew spent the rest of the day studying while Alex and I took naps and made bread and snuggled down to watch movies, then we took advantage of the last bit of sunshine to play in the leaves.

I need someone to teach me to use my camera so action shots aren't blurry. I think I was close when the battery died.

I'm so thankful for wonderful Fall days, especially when they include fun times with my little family and fresh homemade bread.