Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crazy November!

 November ended up being a pretty crazy month for the Alton family. At the beginning of the month my little family traveled to Moab for the purpose of helping my dad clean out his house. The drive was filled with delays and rib pain (due to pregnancy) and a bit of vomit in the backseat. I spent the time thinking about how I was going to get my dad and Marie to get married somewhere closer to my home than Enterprise. After a busy weekend my sisters talked me into going to Cedar City with them so that I wouldn't have to make the long drive from Denver to Cedar twice in one weekend in order to attend Thanksgiving and wedding festivities. So Andrew made his way home and Alex and I had fun with family all month.

My sisters are so wonderful to let me and my active toddler stay with them, thanks so much guys! I felt so lazy the whole time.

 We had so much fun! We got to go to the Red Devil semi-final game.
The Devils won! and the best part for Alex was getting a free "Got Chocolate Milk" sign.

We had a fun day playing in the snow too! We all helped to create a snow woman (carson's contribution was making her female) and Lindsay made the snow child at Alex's request. Afterwards when we looked out the window Alex would always say Carson's snowman and Lindsay's snowman. Somehow I'm the only one who remembers bending over with my pregnant belly and rolling snowballs across the yard.

We went to the park and spent days at the library and played with cars and shopped and ate lots of yummy food, it was a great month.

Then Andrew returned to us and we celebrated THANKSGIVING!

The best part of the month came on the 29th when we celebrated the happy wedding of Dad and Marie! We are so so happy for these two, I am so glad that they can bring each other happiness.
 We wore Alex out, guess he had too much partying,

Yay for happy weddings! My sisters and I made the pillows and the floating frame (sorry the pics not great) for wedding gifts, they were so easy and so fun to make.
I wish my dad and Marie every happiness, I'm so glad my dad found this wonderful woman to keep him from being lonely and to add a bright spot into our lives!
We made the long drive home and I am now busy with Christmas and baby preparations and learning how to cook and clean again after taking a month off.

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