Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I am totally becoming one of those moms who has a baby and then only posts pictures of that cutie! I have excuses though #1 he is just too cute! #2 he is pretty much my life right now and #3 Andrew put the pics of the other events I would like to blog about on his computer so I am only left with pictures of my little guy.

Playing Patty Cake with mom, I love that this makes him happy.

I don't know if Alex really enjoys bathtime, or if he just tolerates it by sitting contently. Either way he doesn't dislike it so that makes mom happy.

His smiles make my day!

I know I'm mean but this picture makes me laugh.

He makes you smile too, admit it.
Alex dislikes tummy time, well he pretty much hates it.
So when mom makes you spend time on your belly and you don't want to... just roll over right?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Life Right Now

See this mess?? It has lived in my living room for three weeks now. Pretty bad I know. But you can also see the results of the mess below.
I was asked to make birthday cards that could be handed out in Relief Society! It was so fun!! Even if my house was a total mess for so long I enjoyed every minute of it!!!

You know what else I enjoy?? This little guy and his wonderful father!!! When I see that smile and hear those giggles it just melts my heart! Life is good!