Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas is coming!

Thanksgiving weekend we started out by going to Christmas Lane, a fun area of town where all the houses put up Christmas lights and have "The Night Before Christmas" story set up to read as you walk through. Then we finished off the night with Santa Clause! 

The next day we got a Christmas tree!! We had lots of family and nieces and nephews and we took them to play in the snow. The ideal place to play in the snow was not a good spot to find a tree, but after searching and searching we finally found a pretty one. 

Alex named our tree Frosty the Christmas Tree and was super excited to decorate it.
Mckenna had a long day and this is how she participated most of the night while the rest of us decorated. 

Andrew finally got the sleepyhead to participate. It is so fun to see the house transformed by the Christmas magic. Alex faithfully keeps up with the advent calendar and the kids are constantly touching the tree and the decorations. 

Halloween Fun 2016!

We had a super fun Halloween, Andrew made us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes. They were a ton of work and I think next year we will buy. We attended fun parties with family, decorated cookies, and went trick or treating a couple of times and ate lots and lots of treats.

I'm so glad Andrew is a super fun dad and that he always puts his family first!! This pregnancy has been pretty hard on me and he holds us together so well. 

BIG news!!!

Well we found out something a little crazy, a little overwhelming and a LOT exciting!!!!!!

At the first appointment when we got the ultrasound pictures Alex ask if he could keep the pictures of the babies in his room. He is very involved in choosing names and both he and Mckenna are very excited to hold the new babies. It warms my heart.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Holyoak Family Reunion 2016

Over Labor Day weekend we had the Holyoak Reunion up on the mountain. There was good food, games, s'mores, a zip line, talking, laughing, homemade ice cream and good times for everyone. 

 My dad even got in on the games
I love this kid and his cute face!!!

 The zip line was by far the most popular activity and my fearless Mckenna of course went over and over.