Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Picture Tag!!!!!!!!!!

I got tagged!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. go to your my document/my pictures
2. go to your sixth file
3. go to your sixth picture
4. blog about it
5. tag six people
(no cheating!!!)

This is Christian, sorry the quality is bad, it was taken on my cell phone. Some friends had come to visit me when I worked at Sherry's Country Store. Christian decided to get decked out as a cowboy and we all thought his get-up was hilarious, or maybe it was him acting like a "real" cowboy that was hilarious.

I tag, Andrew, Lindsay, Alli, Kelsey, Lesa, Kim and whoever else hasn't been tagged!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Time to Dance!!

The stake held a Sweethearts dance on Thursday and Andrew asked me to go with him!!! I was so excited to get dressed up and go out. We went to dinner first (that was the best part) then to the dance. I've never been a big fan of dances but I must admit that we had a fun time, the decorations were great and it was so fun dancing with Andrew and getting to spend time together without the worries of school for a night.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun Weekend and a Sweet Husband

This last weekend my parents came to visit and it made me so happy!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for coming to stay with us mom and dad and for playing games with us!!!! Dad even took mom and I to Mountain Meadows, it was fun, but way too cold!!

Another thing that makes me happy is my sweet hubby, on Sunday when I didn't feel well at church and asked him to take me home, instead of dropping me off and heading straight back he held me and sang hymns to me until I fell asleep. This week he has shoveled the snow off of the driveway 3 times because of the neverending snow and because he knows that I don't like having and icy driveway. Last night he got ice cream for me and made us hot fudge shakes!! I have such a sweet wonderful husband!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Andrew Loves His Bean Bag Chair!

Thanks Nathan and Tonya
for the sweet bean bag chair!

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The Lives We Lead


Megan's Saturday Study Pile

Tuesday Night Study Piles

Wednesday Study Piles

Our lives are so exciting!
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