Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Birthdays!!!!

Alex Turned 5!!!!

Alex wanted a cinnamon cake for his birthday, even though he has never had a cinnamon cake before, he also wanted the cake to be a dragon cake, so of course his amazing father pulled that one off. We had a small family party at our house, but with our family it can never really be small. We had a great time and we sure love our birthday boy!!!

 Alex even got to help decorate the cake and that made him super happy.

Then it was Mckenna's turn!!! Our little baby is now a big 2 year old!!!! We had a princess themed party and baby girl loved being the center of attention. We sure love our birthday girl!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


One of the most special ways we prepared for Christmas was by attending The Nativity at Tuacahn. It was such a neat way to try to show our kids the real reason for the season. 

 Of course we decorated Christmas cookies!!! I sure love my messy cuties!

 Then we may have decorated cookies again.

 And dressed up, as, um I don't even know what.

 Happy Birthday Andrew!!!!!

 Christmas PJs!!!

 I just love watching my dad read to the Grand-kids, it my be my favorite tradition that I make him do every year.

 So glad the Grinch brought out his grin for Christmas

 Sledding is also one of my favorite traditions.

 These kids in their Christmas Sunday best just melt my heart.