Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Love

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I definitely feel that it is a magical season. I look forward to the decorations and the goodies and the good feelings as we try to focus on the Christ child a little bit more. I love seeing the holiday through my children's eyes and trying to make the season special for my littles. In my home though, my enthusiasm for Christmas is no match for the Christmas love felt by my handsome hubby and my handsome son. They make the holiday special in this home. Choosing the perfect tree and decorating are taken very seriously by those two boys. They love selecting the perfect gifts and the secrecy and magic that abound in December. Hot chocolate could be consumed every single day by both of these guys and we are definitely guilty of playing Christmas music in October. Watching Christmas movies and reading our Christmas stories are also very important, my little buddy also felt that the Chocolate Advent was a very big deal, he usually remembered that we needed to open our candy surprise during breakfast each day. 

 I would be happy with a small Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but how can I say no when my guy begs and pleads for the tallest one that will fit in our home? Yes that is a ladder that we had to borrow  from our super kind neighbors in order to put lights on the tree. How can I say no when he wants to decorate the tree even though it is time to be getting children to bed? Every year I want to find a good block of time (preferably when children aren't around to make a huge mess) when we can put out the decorations, but as soon as Thanksgiving is over Andrew hauls out all of the boxes and then they usually clutter up the house for a day or two or five until we can take the time to get everything organized and fill our home with Christmas magic.
 This little guy takes after his dad. When we told him he could decorate a little tree for his room he couldn't think about anything else. Once the decorations were out he dove in and got down to the serious business of decking out that tree.

 I thought it was super fun to find Alex playing with the decorations or among the Christmas tree. He drove his cars around my Christmas village and he and his sister were constantly filling their stockings and carrying them around the house. I love the excitement that he brings into the home.

I'm so lucky to have my guys and their Christmas love. Their excitement is contagious and while they make my life wonderful throughout the year, they really add something special to out home at Christmas time.

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