Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pinterest Challenge Time!!!!

Now that my partner in crime is no longer dealing with newborn triplets and her life is nice and calm we can go for another Pinterest challenge right? 

Just know that she enthusiastically agreed to this and even started talking about the next one when I brought it up.

Please, please join Lindsay and I in this fun challenge.

If you haven't seen this before the idea is to make the most of all the time that we invest into pinning things on Pinterest by taking a couple weeks and trying to accomplish 7 pins (or as many as you want) in that time. This can be as simple as doing a workout or wearing an outfit or you can be brave and attempt crafts or new recipes. When the two weeks are up then everyone can blog or report on facebook or instagram or whatever you are into about the experience. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's results! Now get going!!

Easter 2015

I enjoy Easter, I enjoy focusing on the Savior and teaching my children about the atonement. I enjoy dyeing Easter eggs and am always a little sad when there are no more to decorate. I love making colorful sugar cookies or cupcakes (although I do not put green coconut grass on them). Searching for Easter eggs is great and I love the wonderful spring season with flowers and warmer weather. Easter also makes me sad because I remember my mom so much. Green coconut and jelly beans on cupcakes come from her. April marks the beginning of her birthday month (yes my mother insisted on a birthday month). A beautiful flower garden and days spent in the sunshine make me miss that wonderful woman. Even the Easter candy, especially kisses and fun size Snickers bars remind me of her. We had a wonderful Easter and I loved watching my cute children celebrate, but there will always be a part of my that wishes my fun mother could be here to celebrate with them.
 I have been married for almost 7 years, we have dyed Easter eggs most of those years. I am embarrassed to admit that this year was the first time I have successfully hard boiled eggs. Go me! Usually we just dye eggs without boiling them first, sadly other years when I have tried to hard boil them, the results have been disastrous.
 Mckenna was so excited to get to hold the egg with her name on it. She then smashed it into the table until there was nothing left of it.

 Who loves this picture of nose picking with green fingers??

 My kids got up ridiculously early on Easter morning, they were both super excited. The Easter bunny brought Easter outfits and a doll for Mckenna and Legos for Alex. I thought Mckenna would follow Alex to his toys because she is usually interested in what he has, nope, she walked right over to her Easter basket and grabbed the doll and started holding her and patting her back. She loves to snuggle with her baby when she sleeps now and she gets very frustrated when the baby is in her crib and she can't manage to pull her through the slats.

Alex is so fun to have around because he gets so excited about things like Lego cars and Easter egg hunts. He was even excited to watch conference and see the prophet. I sure love my wonderful boy!

 Two weeks late I finally got a picture of my children in their Easter clothes. Because of conference we didn't go to church so I was too lazy to dress my kids up. Then Mckenna was teething and miserable so she and her daddy stayed home from church last week.

I sure love these cute kids even if a 5 minute photo shoot before church turns them into major goofballs who can't sit still or who can't smile without putting their arms in the air. Also I am holding a grudge against that person (Stacy Mallory) who taught my child to say "stinky pickles" instead of "cheese" for pictures! "Stinky pickles" in no way forms you lips into a smile!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and took time to remember the Savior and how much he has blessed our lives!