Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pinterest Challenge Time!!!!

Now that my partner in crime is no longer dealing with newborn triplets and her life is nice and calm we can go for another Pinterest challenge right? 

Just know that she enthusiastically agreed to this and even started talking about the next one when I brought it up.

Please, please join Lindsay and I in this fun challenge.

If you haven't seen this before the idea is to make the most of all the time that we invest into pinning things on Pinterest by taking a couple weeks and trying to accomplish 7 pins (or as many as you want) in that time. This can be as simple as doing a workout or wearing an outfit or you can be brave and attempt crafts or new recipes. When the two weeks are up then everyone can blog or report on facebook or instagram or whatever you are into about the experience. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's results! Now get going!!

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