Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fall fun 2015

Moving to St. George and a month in Moab, (along with my dread of blogging on my really SLOW computer) have put me way behind. My little family is adorable and we have been doing some fun stuff over the last two months. Here goes!
 Such a cutie!
 I sure love my people!
 Anyone else notice that someone sticks his tongue out in the normal picture, but doesn't manage it in the picture where we all are supposed to stick our tongues out?
 Family hike up Chuckwalla trail.

 We had a super fun visit to Western Legacy's Spooky Hollow night with cousins.

 Isn't this how you play bean bag toss?

 Mckenna teasing Andrew.

 Watching Sleepy Hollow with Ichabod Crane.
 Halloween party fun at aunt Lindsay's house.

 Just another gem of a picture.
 The birthday cake that my little family made for me and Lindsay.

 Carving pumpkins with Grandpa and Grandma.

 Andrew's is on the left, mine and Kenna's is in the middle and Alex's is on the right.

 October included many trips to the park where Alex finally mastered crossing the monkey bars by himself!! Our next goal is learning to pump on the swings, like Grandpa...

We had a wonderful Halloween with Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweets. Alex took such good care of his sister while they were trick-or-treating. I'm a little upset that my kids are growing up so fast.
 How Mckenna attempts to dress herself.

This is apparently how fall hits in St. George. One really cold day and overnight the tree in front of your home dumps all of its leaves. 

Those were our Fall adventures, the Christmas season is fun and magical and all and Christmas will always be my most favorite holiday but lets be honest Fall really is THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Family Reunion 2015

One of the best times of the year is the Family Reunion. With our crazy life now Labor day weekend is usually the only time we get to go up to the cabin. We had a blast and and of coarse ate watermelon and homemade ice cream.

 "Come on Grandpa"

 Glad someone has fun toys and will take our children.
 So many babies!

 "Are you sure I can't go this way Grandma?"
 Mckenna is best friends with anyone.
Why can't we just spend all summer at the cabin?