Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spring 2011

Some of the things going on lately....

Lots of people tell me Alex looks like Andrew. Does he??? I just think he looks like a cute baby.

Alex and I get to hang out all day, I love it! Well until Dad gets home, then I will gladly take a little me time.

Saturdays are for family time since Andrew is so busy during the week. Andrew took us to Moroni's Writings.

I was concentrating very hard on my lunch.
Alex has started eating solid foods, he caught right on the first time he tried it. After that it took a little time for him to remember, now he eats like a champ. I do have to ask what it is about having a mouthful of food that makes Alex sneeze?? Do they make bibs for mommy?

He makes me smile!

On this particular day I was instant messaging Andrew and we were discussing the sleepless nights we are now experiencing because Alex's sleeping habits are going downhill rather than improving. I was wondering what I could do to get this kid to sleep better and I turned around to see my little cutie playing in his exer-saucer and just being nice. He totally melts my heart and I can honestly say he is totally worth the sleepless nights and messy diapers and the spit up. I love him so so so much and I can't imagine life without him. (but if you have any helpful ideas on how to get him to sleep better at night I would love to hear them).

My wonderful husband, and son vacuuming while I sat on the couch taking pictures. Andrew loves our little guy too, he is so so cute with him. While they were vacuuming together I overheard Andrew telling Alex about life, this particular time it was about basketball. Andrew loves to talk to Alex and show him new things, when we went hiking one time Andrew kept leaving the trail so he could show Alex lizards and plants and streams and trees. He takes him around the house and lets him feel things like the glass in the window and skins of fruit. Andrew can almost always make Alex laugh too, I love seeing the two of them together. He is such a wonderful dad!


Lindsay took some fun family pictures for us! Alex got tired at the end because his napping was totally thrown off, although Carson's favorites were the ones of him yawning. I sure feel lucky to have these two cuties in my life!


On Memorial Day we went on the first camping trip of the year! Alex did so great, he slept in the tent as well as he does at home (meaning waking up about 3 times so not great but oh well). I think he was warmer than me, especially when I would feed him. We got to go on a fun hike and play games and eat yummy hobo dinners and smores. It was a super fast trip though and I decided next time we go I am not packing alone because that was a ton of work for not even 24 hours. But we did have fun and I love when Andrew gets to go camping because he loves it so so much!