Thursday, May 29, 2014

So So Behind - Part two

I always think spring is my favorite time of year until the wind starts blowing, making it pretty miserable if you try to go out and enjoy the warming weather. Then the allergies hit and you sneeze and sniffle and feel like your head is going to float away. Despite all of that I still really enjoy spring and I love when the weather starts warming up and you can spend time outside, you know before summer takes over and it becomes too warm to enjoy as much. Anyway this is what we have been up to during the crazy spring of 2014.

 Tasha invited me and kiddos to go to the Denver Zoo. It was a fun morning, the Zoo is so big you never have time to see everything, meaning there is always something new to see. We went into the snake house on this visit and saw huge snakes. I don't think Alex understood how big the snakes really were especially since we were seeing so many different things, but I knew how big they were and sometimes I was a little freaked. We wanted to watch the elephant show because I guess sometimes it is really cool. On this particular day all we watched was the trainer feeding the elephant and having him lift his front legs once or twice. We also were lucky enough to see the elephant pee all over the island he was standing on. Good times right?

Courtney and I took the kids to the Chatfield Botanic Gardens on the free day that they offered early in the spring. They offer it way early before everything is in bloom so its wasn't very pretty but Alex loved riding in the tractor train and playing on the playground. There were also chickens and ducks and goats and sheep to see and historic buildings. We got to go on a wagon ride through the fields too. It was a fun day and I'm glad Alex enjoyed it. Mckenna slept in the front pack the whole time.

 We had a wonderful Easter. For the last couple of years I have been a slacker and skipped dyeing eggs but this year I decided to be the fun mom and made sure that Alex got to decorate eggs, after learning that I have no idea how to boil eggs, even with help from the internet I still struggled. But we all had a blast, especially Alex. He loved the cool kit that we had that allowed you to do marbled glitter dye on the eggs. When we ran out of boiled eggs we pulled a bunch more eggs out of the fridge and just kept going.

 Mckenna liked watching.
 Alex giving us two thumbs up while hunting Easter eggs.

 My little buddy loved searching for eggs AND eating the candy that was inside.
Baby girl looked so pretty in her beautiful dress from Grandma Alton.
 For some reason the picture keeps rotating when I upload it onto blogger.

When the weather was cold one weekend we finished burning our Christmas tree and roasted hot dogs.

 I love this happy girl!
 Guess who wanted Mckenna to wear his hat??

 These two love each other! I love them!!!!
This is how you can often find my (somewhat) studious husband. He is the greatest dad in the world!

 My baby girl turned three months old! She is growing up way too fast for me. She is such a happy, nice baby and I love the fun and calm that she adds to our little family.

Ok that about covers April, keep an eye out for the updates for May!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

So so behind!

It has been driving me crazy that I haven't updated in such a long time. So here is part one of my attempts at catching up.

Now that my baby girl is almost 4 months old I'm finally posting her 2 month pictures. She is growing up way too fast. As you can see Alex loves her and had a really hard time leaving her alone even long enough for me to take a picture of her. I sure love these two kiddos!

The last weekend of March sweet baby Mckenna was blessed. Lots of family came out and we had a wonderful and fun weekend. We ate yummy food watched movies, played games and all crammed into our tiny apartment and had such a fun time. Alex was so excited to have both sets of grandparents come to "play play dough and paint with him" this is always included in his prayers. Grandma Karma is the perfect playmate because she will paint masterpieces and create all kinds of things with play dough for hours and hours.

 One of our fun activities during the weekend was visiting the 4 Mile House, the oldest home in Denver. We got to tour the house and outbuildings and it made for a way fun afternoon.

 Finding the children's games was definitely the highlight of the day. Some of us,  (mainly me) we trying so hard to walk on the stilts and not having much success. Up walks my dad and he grabs a pair, leans on the barn wall and climbs on them and starts walking like it is nothing. Why is he so good at everything? I eventually was able to walk on the stilts, I'm pretty sure I was the last one to get up on to the.

 This little lady was an angel all weekend, I seriously only heard her cry one time in four days. She looked so beautiful in my blessing dress that my mom made.

After church we had a somewhat windy and chilly luncheon at the park. I was so happy to have so many family members come out to be with us. They were all willing to work around our tiny apartment and different plans and a broken waterline, meaning no water on Sunday morning. Even with all the craziness it was such a wonderful and spiritual weekend. I love family!!!