Thursday, October 4, 2012

Summer Fun

So I am a major slacker but here are a bunch of pics from the summer. My little guy is getting so big and he is so much fun! He is starting to talk more and I keep encouraging hoping to avoid the frustration that comes when he can't make himself understood. Alex has tons of energy and I am working hard to try to keep up with him. I sure love my little family!

My two cute guys!

Grandpa trying to con Alex out of money for his piggy bank. You know, "I'll trade you a shiny pretty quarter for that old wrinkled bill." That kind of conning. Alex somehow ended up with all the money, smart kid.

Please don't judge me, I have since cleaned out my fridge

 Holyoak Family Reunion

Playing in the rain!

 Cuddling with mom after playing in the rain.

 Hair cut with dad

Alex loves the aquatic center here in town. There are slides and bumps to slide on and fountains and a lazy river, Alex runs around and could play there for hours and hours. I love it! Lindsay and I have been lap swimming daily. Summer went by way fast but we had tons of fun with family. We played games and picniced and traveled to visit family. Sadly we did not get to camping even once, but Andrew is holding out hope that we can still make it this fall.