Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Holyoak Family Reunion 2016

Over Labor Day weekend we had the Holyoak Reunion up on the mountain. There was good food, games, s'mores, a zip line, talking, laughing, homemade ice cream and good times for everyone. 

 My dad even got in on the games
I love this kid and his cute face!!!

 The zip line was by far the most popular activity and my fearless Mckenna of course went over and over.

Alex starts Kindergarten!!!

My little buddy started Kindergarten this year and it was so much harder on both of us than I thought it would be. Alex has been excited to start school for the last year and a half, he talked about it all the time and it was supposed to be a great thing. Then this summer he has developed a lot of anxiety about everything, a new primary class, swimming lessons, losing his first tooth, starting school and the biggest fear of them all, riding the bus. I thought meeting the teacher and them talking to him about the schedule and the way the busing would work would help him out, but the teacher only gave us about two minutes during the open house and trying to find out anything about the bus schedule was worse than pulling teeth.

Alex did not want me to leave the school until his teacher came and talked to him and assured him that she would take care of him and play with him. I left the school in tears because I felt so bad about my inability to help him with his fears. But the first thing Alex said to me when I picked him up was "School was fun!!"  We finally figured out the bus schedule and though the first time getting on was rough my little buddy is now a pro at going to school and riding the bus. He likes his teacher and is making friends and things are going well. I'm so glad that kids are resilient and that we were able to overcome this hurdle.

 The real picture
 The brave smile
 The happy kid after school

2016 California Adventure!

During the month of August Andrew had an Audition Rotation at Travis Air Force Base and the whole family got to join him for the first week and a half. We still liked each other after 13 hours in the car together so I would say the trip was successful.

We got to stay in the hotel on base and within walking distance was the library, the movie theater, the bowling alley, the swimming pool, three parks and The Heritage Center Air Force Museum so the kids and I were very well entertained while Andrew was at the hospital. Then we got to visit the Jelly Belly Factory and San Francisco and the beach on the weekend. It was great to get to be with Andrew and have a much needed vacation.

The kids were so excited that we got to fly home on an airplane, Mckenna especially liked the floor.