Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kannaraville Falls

I know I am a little behind. In July we hiked up to Kannaraville Falls with Lindsay and Carson. We had so so so much fun!! I loved spending a day just hanging with my family and not worrying about anything. Well sort of, I did spend the hike worrying that we would find a boot on the car when we got back because they now charge $10 for parking and then put threatening signs on all of the roads below the parking area, even though we did find a street without any "No Parking" signs, I still worried. There was no boot when we got back though so its all good.

Alex was a champ, I knew he would be though because two things that he loves are being outside and being carried around, so riding in the baby carrier up the canyon was perfect for him.

I wish that life would allow for more perfect days like this one.

All tuckered out. He did wake up when dad got too close to the waterfall and he got wet. Ha.