Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fun Things in Life

Life with my kiddos is never boring, they keep life fun and are doing their very best to teach me skills in life such as patience and multi-tasking and how to laugh instead of cry in a crisis. 
 Mckenna crawled into the car all by herself, I thought it was adorable and started taking pictures, Alex was sitting at the table coloring, when he heard the camera he said "Mom I can't take a picture right now I'm busy." That kid makes me laugh.

 Cupcake batter mustache!
 This was a particularly difficult week with my little three year old. He wanted to help me with the dishes so I told Andrew to take a picture so I could remember the happy moments too.
 This little girl is getting to be not so little anymore.
 Playing play dough. While at the doctors office recently Alex told me when he is a doctor I can call him "Dad Doctor Alexander Joseph Alton."

 Baby Girl turned nine month old! She gained 2 1/2 pounds between her eight month weight check and her nine month appointment so the doctor is no longer upset with me. This little girl pulls herself up all the time and even tries to stand by herself. She has gotten very vocal and lets us know when it is not okay to walk away while feeding her or when dad comes home and tries to walk by without picking her up she lets us know that that will not be permitted. Mckenna has figured out how to crawl on her knees and she gets around very well. She has gotten more needy, and comes to find me to have me hold her all the time. She doesn't like to be put down. Mckenna gets into everything, Alex is constantly asking me to keep her from getting his cars, he is good at finding her cars she can play with when asked though. Mckenna thinks it is very funny to open the kitchen cupboards over and over while mom tries to close it over and over.

I love that these two love each other so much!
 Someone got into the fireplace and ate the charred wood while I was in the shower.

Ballerina pose when I went to take his picture with his cupcake. 

When talking with Alex one evening he said, "I love Braxton and Emery and Korbin, yeah I do. I'm so impressed that I said that."

Being a mom is so so hard but these kids are so great and I'm so glad that I get to spend my days with them. They make make me laugh and smile and cry and I love them more than I ever though possible. 

Fall Festivities

Fall is by far my favorite time of year, I love the colors and the cooler temperatures. I love fall festivals and Halloween and Halloween Cookies and carving pumpkins and pumpkin bread and of course my birthday!

 Sugar cookies!! My mom had a recipe for the best sugar cookies in the world. I love them so much! I try not to make them very often because I have no self control, but I do have the tradition of making holiday cookies, so I of course make them at Halloween.

 This nice girl sat in her chair and watched the whole time we cut out, baked and decorated the cookies.

 At 17 Mile House they had a free fall festival so we went and checked it out. Most things were free, the hay ride line was about a mile long so we skipped that. Mostly we took pictures and Alex thought it was very important to go upstairs in the the historic house.

 Someone inherited his father's inability to open his eyes if the sun is in the sky.

 Happy birthday to me!! We celebrated by going to Old Chicago and having cake!
 Alex was so excited to help Andrew frost the cake, then he kept saying "Put the fire on it."

 Rocky Vista holds a Fall Festival so this adorable witch and Iron Man go to go.
 Alex loved the pumpkin ring toss, and kept going over and over and over.
Although he was super nervous at first Alex did eventually get a temporary tattoo.

Mckenna snoozed through most of the activities.
 Decorating cookies.

 Face paint and balloon laser guns made for a good time. Alex fell asleep on the way home and when his dad took him in for a nap he asked to have his face washed, when he was fully coherent again he was super bummed that he didn't have the face paint anymore so he asked all week to get it painted again.
 As if we hadn't had enough fun we went to a nursery called "Nick's" so we could enjoy more pumpkins and hay bale mazes and bouncy castles, photo opportunities.

 Yummy spider cupcakes for friends and neighbors!

 Carving Pumpkins!!

 As usual Mckenna got to hang out in her high chair munching on bread sticks while we focused on other things. Good thing she is such a nice girl. Mom finally gave in and "painted" Alex's face, he was only satisfied when each large empty area had been filled.
 Andrew's, Megan's and Alex's pumpkins.

 Since Andrew proved his talent with cardboard vehicles Alex and I requested that he make a Thomas costume for Alex. Good thing the Trunk-or-treat was on November 1st because Andrew was working on it until the last minute. Alex loves it!! He's a lucky kid to have such a super dad!

 When we were getting into the costume box Andrew put the tiger costume on Mckenna just for fun. It sure was adorable so see that little tiger crawling all over the house.