Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here is a small portion of the pictures we have taken over the last 8 days. They aren't in any particular order. So many have asked for more pictures we wanted to make sure they are available for all our family and friends to see! Enjoy :-)Alex likes reading with his dad!
Andrew "watching" the baby...
Holding Dad's hand

Snug as a bug, Alex loves being swaddled
Just after delivery
Mom sure loves our little guy!

Handsome son, Beautiful mother. Thanks to the Katie, TJ and Lilly for the cute hat!
Just after he was born, he's all tuckered out!
Sweet dreams
Holding Mom's hands
Here's Alex with Grandma Holyoak.

Just finished his first bath
He grabbed onto the washcloth and wouldn't give it back to Mom!
Apparently he's going to be as crazy as his dad :-P

Thanks again to everyone that helped us get ready for his arrival and to Lindsay and Carson for being around and willing to help so much and Marion for coming and being around to help with anything and everything and to Stacy, Jeremy, Parker and Payton and Lara and Brian for coming to see and hold the little guy!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Special Delivery!

Alexander Joseph Alton has arrived!!! He was 20.5 inches long and 7 lb 11oz at birth!

Saturday afternoon Megan started having contractions pretty hard just before 2 pm. We timed them and saw that they were around 5 minutes apart and 1 minute long. After about an hour of that we called the doc and he said to go get checked out... next thing we know the nurse calls Dr. Sanders and says Megan's going so fast going natural might be her only option. The doctor soon arrived and at 4:46 BOOM!! Out came baby Alex. After that mom and Alexander got cleaned up and we got to take some pics!!! We are so excited to have this little angel in our home!

Alex's first kiss came from his mom!

Later Mom caught me having a talk with the little guy.

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped in so many ways and provided help in the way of diapers and outfits and other helpful items. And most of all CONGRATS MOM!! She did a great job!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Final prego belly pics!

Megan at 37 weeks. Can we be less than a month away?!?!?

Inspired by John and Tessa, Megan and I decided to compare our baby bellies at 38 weeks!

So close!!! 39 weeks and going strong!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reflections and a New Year

I know I'm late but Happy New Year!! 2010 was a great year of accomplishments and many ups and downs. My family has grown, four new nieces, and two new brother-in-laws. I ran my first half marathon and I have high hopes of running more. I wrote a senior thesis and actually enjoyed it. I earned my bachelors degree and graduated with the support of my wonderful husband and family. I felt my baby boy growing inside of me and I have learned and grown a lot.

I have seen the strength of my family and while we have all experienced pain through my mom's illness I have been inspired by my wonderful mother's faith and courage and love and strength. She is such an amazing person!! I have also been inspired by my caring and ever supportive and loving father who also has great faith and courage. I am so so lucky to have such wonderful parents who have always loved me and taught me throughout my life.

My wonderful husband has also made this last year outstanding, he is a hard worker and has such a wonderful spirit. He is so excited for our family to grow and I know he will be an amazing father. His strength and support have gotten me through the ups and downs of 2010 and I am excited for the happiness that 2011 will bring us together. I have set some goals, but I already know that "resolutions" are not my big thing so I'm only going to say that I hope to be a good and loving mother throughout 2011 and of course to lose some weight!! Ha!



I've been told that I'm nesting, here are some of my newest accomplishments!
Before pic of the little guy's dresser
After, this was a combined effort, Andrew and I worked hard to sand and paint this D.I. find and I love how it turned out!

Reversible Carseat Canopy that took me an entire day to make even though it should have only taken about two hours. I do like how it turned out though!

Easy rag blanket that I did get done pretty quickly! Thanks for the help mom!
Easy afghan for the little guy!
FALL letters that I got done before the end of fall, since winter started just a few days before Christmas that is not really saying much, but I do what I can. I made ones that spell NOEL also but Andrew already put them away with the Christmas decorations and I wasn't willing to get them out.
For this week my nesting gets to focus on cleaning my house and cooking, not near as fun, well the cleaning part at least.