Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reflections and a New Year

I know I'm late but Happy New Year!! 2010 was a great year of accomplishments and many ups and downs. My family has grown, four new nieces, and two new brother-in-laws. I ran my first half marathon and I have high hopes of running more. I wrote a senior thesis and actually enjoyed it. I earned my bachelors degree and graduated with the support of my wonderful husband and family. I felt my baby boy growing inside of me and I have learned and grown a lot.

I have seen the strength of my family and while we have all experienced pain through my mom's illness I have been inspired by my wonderful mother's faith and courage and love and strength. She is such an amazing person!! I have also been inspired by my caring and ever supportive and loving father who also has great faith and courage. I am so so lucky to have such wonderful parents who have always loved me and taught me throughout my life.

My wonderful husband has also made this last year outstanding, he is a hard worker and has such a wonderful spirit. He is so excited for our family to grow and I know he will be an amazing father. His strength and support have gotten me through the ups and downs of 2010 and I am excited for the happiness that 2011 will bring us together. I have set some goals, but I already know that "resolutions" are not my big thing so I'm only going to say that I hope to be a good and loving mother throughout 2011 and of course to lose some weight!! Ha!


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  1. Wow!! What a year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and accomplishments. It really touched me!!