Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Things You May Not Know About Us

  • When I blow dry my hair I have too much time to think and sometimes end up crying. 
  • When Alex sees me cry he says, "Its okay, Dad will be home soon."
  • When Andrew hugs me Alex comes up and says, "I wanna make a sandwich," so we have to pick him up and make an Alex sandwich.
  • Alex has to have two sippies at a time, one with milk and one with juice. 
  • Andrew never complains about the food I make, not ever. I think it is because he is so happy someone is cooking for him. 
  • Andrew is the only one in our family who fries bacon, and because my dad always made the milkshakes when I was growing up he has to make those too.
And there is one more thing that Alex would like you to know about us....

Monday, August 26, 2013

Trip to Moab

At the beginning of the month Alex and I made the long trip to Moab to stay for ten days. Alex did great on the trip over, although his face was stiff from his antics with a sucker by the time we arrived at our destination.

The first weekend included a long drive up to Logan for the Clarkston Pageant. It was so great being with family, even if the acting in the pageant was lacking. Guess we have to look past that and focus on the testimony of Martin Harris instead.

 Lindsay and Kynlee came to spend the week with me at Dad's house. Our first Sunday there was fast Sunday and my dad bore his testimony and said he was grateful that two of his children had come to clean his house. After two days of cleaning it only seemed a little better.

 Alex helping Lindsay clean
Or just getting into Papa's stuff

Even though Alex isn't always careful with little Kynlee, these two were so happy to be back together.

The final weekend of the trip was spent at the cabin with Aunt Valerie and her fun children and Aunt Daryl and the rest of the family. Alex was so happy to have his aunts come to love on him. He wore himself out playing with cousins on the mountain.

 Yes those are my aunts allowing Alex to stand on the table.
 Do you think they had secrets to tell??

Alex and I had so much fun!! Andrew was able to study hard his second week of Med School, but we were eager to get back together again. The drive back home included road construction (think major delay and stop and go traffic), one child saying, "no music" for the last hour, gross milk throw up in the final half hour and a major tantrum as I tried to get Alex into the bathtub while we waited for Andrew to come home from dinner with classmates. It may be a while before I muster up the courage to make the long journey to Moab all by myself with my wild little toddler again. Thanks for the fun time everyone!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

We have started a new adventure in Colorado. It took us a little over a day to travel from Cedar City, Utah to Aurora, Colorado with the slow Budget truck, plus one stop for me to overcome my carsickness. That day spent traveling and then unloading was one of the longest of my life and I am not looking forward to moving ever again, hopefully by the time we are ready for our next move I will have forgotten how bad it was.

 Knowing Andrew would be starting med school I tried to unpack as fast as possible so I could have help.
 The best little helper. Andrew and I were in separate rooms unpacking and we came out to the living room to find this little guy unpacking cases of canned goods and stacking them into a tower. He was so funny, when his unsteady piles would tumble he would turn to us and say, "oops, sorry guys" then he would stack some more.
 On the 27th of July we were able to attend Andrew's white coat ceremony. Andrew had to be there early so while Alex and I were waiting outside I asked him if he wanted to take some pictures. He was so excited and wanted to take them in front of the waterfall. Little model. I sure love that cute  face!!

 Student Doctor Andrew Alton!!!

So glad we have such good friends to share this adventure with!!!! We love you guys!!
 Rocky Vista sold students and family of the new medical school students tickets to the Rockies game following the white coat ceremony. I was worried that Alex would get bored because baseball games can be so long. He loved the whole experience though. You'll notice in all the pictures I took he can't keep his eyes off the game. He liked watching the people around us and listening to the music, he liked the 7th inning stretch when everyone stands up to stretch and then we sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." I think his favorite was when a dental chain sent people dressed up as a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and a thing of floss to have a race around the field.  I loved it too, even though the Rockies were losing 6-0 and the rain was coming down hard, we still stuck it out. We saw the Rockies score 4 runs in one inning. By the bottom of the ninth they were down by two and everyone was rallying for the win, and then we watched the field crew pull out the giant tarp that covers the whole infield. It was after 9:00 so we went home. The game ended up being delayed for one hour and 45 minutes, and the Rockies couldn't pull off the win. I'm so glad we went though it was way fun!!!

That is the start of our new life here in Colorado! We are excited to start this new chapter in our lives, even though we miss being so close to family. I am going to try to keep positive and brave and embrace new experiences and friendships here.