Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moon House and trip to Moab

The day that Andrew left for training I hitched a ride down to Moab with Lindsay and Carson so I could spend a week hanging with them and my dad. It was nice to not be alone for a while during the time that Andrew is gone. We picnicked at the park and played in the sandbox and had a good time. For our Saturday activity we headed to some Indian Ruins called Moon House. It was a fun hike and the ruins were way interesting.

 There were dots like the ones behind us all over, they were counting something.
 More dots. This room also has a full moon and a crescent moon within that white stripe, but you can't see them in the picture.
 The doorways had rock decoration above them. A woman's touch?
 Such a cute kid!

 Alex loved running around and looking in the rooms with the flashlights. He was pretty nice the whole day even though we didn't get to go home until later in the evening because we ended up helping a woman find her 74  year old husband who had gotten lost that morning. He ended up hiking almost ten miles just trying to find the trail to get out of the canyon. Carson and his dad and my dad were the heroes of the day cause they found him and helped him get back to his wife. We ended the day with milkshakes. What a fun week at Grandpa's!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kolob Reservoir

I'm a little behind but last month we went camping with Lindsay and Carson and Kynlee up at Kolob Reservoir.

 My two boys love camping! Alex loves running around and he loves to get dirty. Here he is having his first s'more, usually he just takes a bite out of most of the marshmallows in the bag before ever getting to the real treat.

 Ales showing us his muddy pjs.

 Alex loved playing in the tent, especially Lindsay and Carson's tent, he didn't like the tent when it was time to go to bed. He ended up sleeping way better than I did though.

 The pretty lake. We decided to walk around the whole thing, that ended up being about 5 miles. Alex loves the child carrier that mom and dad took turns carrying him in and he even got to take a little nap while the rest of us got our exercise. The worst part of the the trip were the mosquitos that tried to eat us alive, there were huge swarms of them all around the lake.
I love that camping makes Andrew so happy, sadly he didn't end up in any of the pictures. Last summer we didn't really get to go so we made sure to get some camping trips in before Andrew had to leave for Officers Training.