Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Alex

This little guy cracks me up!

Today when I offered to help him go to the bathroom
Alex - "no I can do it myself, I can do it myself...will you come help me do it myself?"

 One morning while I was in my room and Alex was at the table coloring he came in and I pointed out to him that he had pen on his face, it looked like an accident and he got to look at it in the mirror. Later he came in and stood in front of the mirror and pulled up his shirt, he had drawn all over his belly and his feet! We have now discussed at length that we only draw on paper.
 Helping me go through the clothes (and winter suits) for baby girl.
 This is my favorite story. Alex woke me up the other morning, I put my hand out to help him climb onto my bed, a pair of socks was placed in it, shoes were set on the bed next.
Alex- "I need to go to Lindsay and Carson's house. I'll go get my jacket"
He retrieved his jacket and then climbed on the bed and put the socks on all by himself, he had some help with the shoes and the jacket. The picture above is him showing everyone how he has his shoes on and is ready to go to Lindsay and Carson's (after his breakfast of peanut butter filled pretzels).
After playing in the flour bucket while mom made dinner.

This little guy is so much fun! He is smart and independent but has started wanting to snuggle with mom more and more, that is huge for us because he has always been a daddy's boy. Alex loves to have mom and dad play with him and give him attention, he loves nursery and play group and getting out of the house. He and dad always race mom to the car and we try to see who can buckle up first (mom usually wins because she doesn't have so many buckles to deal with). Alex loves to put all of his cars in some kind of container and carry them around. I have had some empty totes and boxes around the house and he gathers things up from everywhere in order to fill up the boxes.

Alex likes to say prayers and lately he wants to say them by himself, he says "you just listen mom and dad." It is hard because he still needs help. My little buddy does not like bedtime and most nights end up in a bit of a fight. He has to have his current favorite car (right now the speed racer car) in one hand and his sippy of water in the other. He and dad like to make up songs about the animals on his wall after reading stories.

The kid still doesn't want to take the time to eat very often, even when we are having food that we know he likes. He does get very excited about desserts or treats and then a lot of the time he doesn't even finish those. Silly kid. I just love him!


  1. I a very offended that you did not rush over to see us at that cute boys insistance.