Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Fun!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I tried to keep things fun but simple. I made a 25 day calender to follow but I tried to do easy things like "make Christmas treats" and "call Grandpa to wish him happy birthday." We still ended up behind but I didn't let it stress me and I hope that we kept things fun for Alex.

 We went to a tree lot to try to support local business, after picking the smallest tree there and being told it would cost $79.99 we snuck out and went to Lowes. Andrew wanted to get a big tree since our apartment has high ceilings so he got to get a big fur for way less than they were asking for at the tree lot.

It took us days to get the tree  decorated, Alex liked to help and did a good job putting ornaments on the lower section of the tree. At one point Andrew did say we should decorate after Alex has gone to bed next year.

I just love that cute little bum "helping" under the tree

Our tree this Christmas was named Frankincense, Frank for short. 

Wrapping presents

Decorating Christmas cookies
 Andrew kept wrapping presents in plain paper so Alex could decorate them, he is such a fun dad.
 Our small nativity, Alex did not want to be Joseph and no one else could be persuaded either. It was still fun though. I tried really hard to teach Alex the meaning of Christmas this year, but I'm not sure he made the connection. He did see in a commercial Santa flying in a sleigh in front of the moon and he kept telling us that Santa lives in the moon, so he doesn't really understand that either. Hopefully we'll do better next year.
 On the 24th we had a birthday party for Andrew and Alex and Carson. Christmas eve is always a big crazy party for us.
 White elephant exchange, sadly this was snatched from him and he didn't get to keep it.
 Too lazy to go back and rotate the picture. This is Alex's "red scooter" from Santa. Thanks to Lindsay and Carson showing him a Walmart add he chose a motorized red scooter. We told Santa we weren't really okay with that, so if Alex asks this is a scooter not a bike.
 We got to have a fun afternoon sledding. Alex loved it until he ended up having a small crash in the snow. He was a trooper and we were able to talk him into giving it another go.

 The cute hats that Lindsay made for us! Thanks Lindsay!

 Marie got to be the baby holder, she was way surprised that my dad at 64 was actually the first one down the hill. I have always thought it was so fun that he plays just as hard as everyone else.
 My dad was so eager to push Andrew down the hill I almost didn't get this picture.
When we got home we had second Christmas. Alex got a RC car from his cousins and he loves it! Thanks guys!

We were so lucky because Andrew got over a week off of school. We played in Moab and had a quiet New Years at home. We spent time cleaning the house and relaxing and it was wonderful!

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