Friday, January 17, 2014

Birthday Boy!!!

My little buddy turned 3 this week! We had a wonderful day that included playgroup at the McDonald's Play Place and an Icee at Target. We also had pancakes for dinner and a small party with Zach and Courtney and Blakely. Alex keeps thanking me for singing to him on his birthday. We keep trying to teach him that he is 3 now but he doesn't seem to get it yet.
 This is what happens when mom gets a phone call while someone is "helping" with dinner. He didn't want me to take the picture, can you tell?

 Who knows what the goofball is doing.

I can't believe my little guy is growing up. He can be super fun and sweet but sometimes he really likes to get his way. He loves playing with his dad and mom is ok when dad isn't around. Favorite toys right now include his cars, his RC car, and his Hotwheels track, or anything that he can put into a bucket or box or bag that he can carry around the house. He enjoys coloring, especially with his markers, or whatever writing utensil mom and dad are using.  He loves books and likes to read his "Cars" books. He also carries around his "Franklin" books. Alex does not like to eat, he would survive off of milk and juice if he could. Even when I make food that he likes he still doesn't have much interest in eating it.

Alex says the cutest things, he randomly comes up and says "I Love You," he told me he is going to play cars with the new baby when she comes and that he is going to hold her. He is always talking about going to Grandpa's house or Stacy's house or Lindsay and Carson's house. It is sad that we live so far away from family now. He is always asking "will you play with me?" and "will you snuggle with me?"

The other day I had a moment of sadness thinking about how Alex won't be an only child anymore. I know it will be good for him but I don't want him to feel like he's been moved to second place or is less important because there is now a little girl who will need attention too. Having a little sister will be a big adjustment but I hope we can make it as easy as possible for all of us. I sure love my little guy and I feel so lucky to get to be his mom!

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