Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Ready for Baby #2

You know how with your first child you take a picture almost every week of pregnancy and you are constantly talking about names and you obsess over decorating and getting ready? Then with the next children you let everything slip? Yeah that has been me.  I decided taking pictures every week was too excessive so I made the goal of taking one every 5 weeks. Sadly I failed at even that. Andrew and I hardly talked about names at all, I thought of a name that I like months ago, Andrew said he likes it too. I have spent some time looking at name lists and meanings on the internet since then, Andrew has done nothing and we have decided to go with the original name that I chose.

I have made blankets and worked on the room a lot in the last two months because nesting mode has kicked in and because I don't want this little girl to come home and wonder why with nine months to prepare we hadn't really done anything.

I do feel like I have gotten the bedroom ready for Alex and baby girl to share when she moves out of the bassinet and I have packed my bag and the diaper bag. We got a new carseat (the one we had expired in December, lame right?) and a second crib and the clothes and blankets and burp cloths are washed and folded. Now my only goal is to keep the house mostly clean and stay caught up with the laundry (I should admit that I am still working on one pink afghan).

We are excited for this little addition to our family, I am so excited to have a little one to hold and snuggle. I am looking forward to being reminded of all the new little fascinations that come with a newborn as they adjust to this world. I'm excited for Alex to have a sibling and I hope that I can watch them learn to love each other, I pray that they will get along and play together. I love my little girl already and I can't wait to see her face and hold her close.

I am terrified of the challenges and changes coming to our little family as well. I know we will get by and that the hard things will pass but I pray for strength and guidance that we can all be happy and calm (most of the time) as we adjust to the wonderful little blessing joining our family.

15 Weeks
20 Weeks
25ish Weeks
31 weeks
35 Weeks
 I am now 39 weeks, a woman who saw me at the Dr.'s office last week said "Whoa, you are due!" so just trust me and this random stranger, I look like I am about to burst.

 Some of the decorations I have made for baby girl's side of the room

 Bow and headband holders
 I am so proud of my crib skirt. A new bedding set is too expensive for us and even the fabric that I wanted would have cost way too much. In one last attempt at finding something that would work I found this on clearance (you can't tell but it is blue with white flowers on it). Since I bought the last yards I got it half off. I felt so lucky and so blessed! I made it last Saturday, that is amazing for me because I usually string my projects out for weeks and months. I kinda knew if I didn't get it made before baby girl comes, it may not happen until a year from now.
 Shelf that I painted
 Blankets that I have made
 Headbands and flowers that are so fun to make!

I also made bookends for Alex's dresser. I feel like this little girl is going to shake up his world quite a bit, but I wanted him to still feel like part of the room is still his.

Now we are just waiting and anticipating!!!!!

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