Sunday, October 20, 2013

Perfect Fall Weekend!

We began the weekend on Friday night with Military Appreciation Day at Rocky Vista. Alex and I met Andrew at the school for the ceremony in the evening. We started by having the toast and the moment of silence for the MIA/POW soldiers. A small table is set for them and caps are placed at each setting, there is symbolism in almost every aspect of the setting and the ceremony. It was moving and special to get to be a part of it.

The speaker for the evening was a member of the Tuskegee airmen. I think he is 94 years old and he was fun to listen too. Following the ceremony was Alex's favorite part, the "special treats." It was sandwiches, veggies, chips and cake, but somehow he had in his mind that we were having a special treat. Since he ate his piece of cake and then got to share mom's too it was pretty special.

My wonderful, handsome guys!

Saturday morning we were able to go to Nick's Fall Festival. It is a nursery where they do events for fall and the best part is there is no admission fee!

See our awesome attempt at taking our own family pictures? Anyone want to come and take pictures for us?

Alex's "cheese" face has turned into this. As hard as I tried all day to get a real smile I couldn't do any better. 

We took pictures, explored the pumpkins, got lost in the hay bale maze, and Alex got to enjoy a bouncy castle. It made for such a fun morning and now we have pumpkins that we get to carve next weekend!

Andrew spent the rest of the day studying while Alex and I took naps and made bread and snuggled down to watch movies, then we took advantage of the last bit of sunshine to play in the leaves.

I need someone to teach me to use my camera so action shots aren't blurry. I think I was close when the battery died.

I'm so thankful for wonderful Fall days, especially when they include fun times with my little family and fresh homemade bread.


  1. Your pictures are sooooo cute. I miss you guys. I will take you picture if you come see me!!!

  2. Ha we'll have to plan that trip for next year, by the time I come see you I will be huge and even more un-photogenic than usual.