Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pinterest Challenge #2!!

Time to report on our progress for the second Pinterest challenge. I was so impressed with myself for completing 12 pins! Lindsay and I must be twins or something. I had so much fun these past two weeks, I chose simple pins and I felt so accomplished finishing a craft or trying a new recipe. I really hope we can get more people inspired to join us next time, (Stacy I'm talking to you!) it was so so much fun!

I wore this outfit one day when the weather was nice and it was perfect for a day at the park with my little buddy. I do have a confession, I don't think I could be a fashion blogger because I put on my cute outfit and think I look great, I also think that I will have time to take a cute picture later. Well I either get flour or food on myself or my day goes downhill and my pregnant uncomfortable belly begs for pajama pants and I give in. I won't mention how many of my Pinterest challenge outfits I had to re-create to take the pic, but I will say it was more than one.

I did this workout a couple of mornings this week, you better believe I did not take pictures of myself exercising. The workout was great, even though I only had 8 lb weights to work with and I had to modify a little, it did leave my arms way sore and I'm hoping to keep it up so by the time this little one comes maybe one part of my body will still seem toned and muscled.

I was invited to a ladies night during the Priesthood session of Conference. The theme was an apple bar and my assignment was to bring a greek yogurt dip. I made this dip and I thought it was okay, but not my absolute favorite. I knew there was going to be someone at the party with a peanut allergy so I wanted to bring something for them too, this recipe was so easy and it inspired me to try something else, so I ground up oatmeal cookie crumbs and mixed them with vanilla greek yogurt and a bit of honey and I thought it was wonderful! Seriously, I may or may not have eaten the leftovers with a spoon. So I will call this recipe a success just because it inspired me to try something I wouldn't have thought of.
I got the inspiration to make this wreath here and I LOVE it. Gathering all of the materials for it took a few trips to Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Walmart, but to put it together only took me one session of conference. Andrew has praised it for days so it must be a winner. It makes my house seem so festive and ready for Fall.
My two cuties loved this yummy breakfast dish. I loved how easy it was to make, even considering I make my own biscuits. I don't know if I am completely sold on the breakfast syrup in the recipe but making monkey bread in a fluted pan was wonderful and easy and I am sure I can never go back now.

I have always wanted to make this raspberry pretzel jello salad and it did not disappoint. I loved it, I must admit that of all my pins I seriously think this one took the longest. I had no idea it would take all day to finish making this thing. It was yummy though and I'm sure I will make it again.

The wonderful cool fall weather combined with this outfit inspired me to put together this look. I just love my little buddy who joins me for all of my pictures.

And here he is again, I just love that kid! I have finally done something with the family pictures we took last fall.  This tutorial helped me create these DIY (not quite canvas) canvas prints. They were so easy and inexpensive and I love how they turned out. Now I just feel like my family should come visit me so they can see all of the cute things I have created for my home. Just think next year there will be a cute baby to come and cuddle, (you know if the one pictured above isn't enough to entice you) you guys should start making your vacation plans.
I made these cookies n cream cookies and I must say the recipe is definitely a keeper. If you try the recipe and wonder why yours don't look like mine it might help you to understand that the cheap brand of Oreos only had the half vanilla half chocolate cookies left on the day I was shopping. I couldn't bring myself to buy the more expensive cookies, so yeah. I still think they were wonderful.
I love ravioli! This recipe was easy and even satisfied my hubby who tends to think that the other ways I prepare ravioli are kinda boring.
 This outfit gave me the inspiration to put together my casual Fall day outfit. Sadly I did not have a cute matching scarf that I could make work. Did you guys know my birthday is this month? Just sayin.
So for those of you still reading this extremely long post I will just let you know that this potato soup is great. Don't be fooled by this picture which was taken after the soup had cooled and started to congeal, and I didn't have any cheese left to make it look as pretty as I wanted. But the soup was creamy and tasty and I didn't feel like I had to put a ton of work into it as I have with other potato soup recipes I have tried. Anyway it is good and you should try it.

So there you have it, my September/October Pinterest Challenge. I hope you are inspired to join us next time if you didn't get to this time.


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  1. I love your Canvas photos, i have been wanting to try one of the diy canvas print pins but i am afraid I'd mess it up. I did your Pinterest challenge, I'll post about it later!