Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas is coming!!

I have 3 advent calenders or Christmas countdown decorations and I want to make another one. I kind of love them, but then every December I stop updating them in hopes that time may just slow down and I can delay Christmas. Seriously, what is happening to December?

 Alex gets into my sock drawer and gets socks or gloves to put on his hands, the he goes around the house asking me to give him five, or knuckles.

 We put the tree up and got the lights on then we waited a week to decorate the tree because I wanted to do it as a family so we had to get to it before Alex's bed time. Then he dumped all the ornaments on the floor ad threw them all over the room an I spent the night wondering why I wanted to include him so much. After two days of knocking the ornaments off the tree Alex learned that he is not allowed to touch the tree. Now he just plays with his football close to the tree so he can "accidentally" knock them off. 
 We have some fake snow and I asked Andrew to do the windows, this is what he did. I made him wash it off and try again, now it is on the edges and the corners. Silly guy.
 Alex can say Christmas (you might not know that's what he's saying though) and he likes to look at the lights when we drive at night. When we hit an area that doesn't have lights he says "where go?"

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  1. What a cutie! I bet Andrew is excited that Alex loves Christmas as much as him. We miss you guys.