Monday, March 9, 2015

Life Right Now

This is just a post about what my life looks like right now. School is stressful (sometimes I think it is way harder on me than it is on Andrew). I am struggling to train for a half marathon when it is snowy and cold or I can't go to the fitness center because Andrew has to stay at school. Sometime life seems kinda hard but sometimes it is beautiful. Sometimes I get to see my handsome man snuggling with baby girl and sometimes we get to go swimming or we have unseasonably warm weather and get to go play at the park. And then sometimes I catch my kiddos being adorable and I remember that the ups and downs of life are wonderful. I am trying so hard not to wish these years of school away because I don't want to miss out on these beautiful moments of my life right now. 

 Some moments look like this and that is ok too...
Because then there are some that look like this.

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  1. Love this! Way to look for the positive! This school stuff is pretty hard on the wife sometimes! We sure miss you guys!