Thursday, March 26, 2015


So about a year ago I got an email telling me if I signed up for the Canyonlands Half Marathon a year in advance I would get to pay a discounted price. Well I had recently had a baby and needed something to motivate me to try to get back in shape. Of course I didn't want to do it by myself so I called Lindsay who was currently pregnant with triplets and talked her into letting me sign her up too.

Throughout the year I ran a little bit then around December it hit me that I really needed to get my butt in gear. And I tried as hard as I could. With my hubby in school it was hard to get away to work out. I also keep pulling muscles in my neck/back. I had to deal with illnesses and tests and Young Womens and SAA. Not to mention I was trying to train on a treadmill most of the time (did you know that when it snows in the Denver area it snows A LOT). I was blessed with some wonderfully warm days and a wonderful and supportive husband but I did end up asking myself why I thought I could do this on an almost daily basis.

Anyway, last week we headed to Moab. Because Andrew didn't have any required classes on Friday we got to go over a day early. The weather was perfect for a picnic at the park with bubbles and kite flying (well technically the weather was only kinda okay for kite flying).

I promise my dad knew the picture was being taken, guess his food was more important.

Alex and Mckenna were so happy to be at Grandma and Grandpa's house! Alex was singing and dancing in his chair as we pulled up. 

 Mckenna's favorite part was Grandma Marie's treat bucket she spent as much time as possible with her head stuck in it.
 Grandma and Grandpa opened the candy every time she handed them a piece that she had found.
One of Alex's favorite things about Grandpa's is the egg sandwiches that Grandpa loves to make!

Anyway on to the run (please don't call it a race, I was not racing anyone!)

Alex came over and told me when I do the run 5 more times he will do it too, but he will beat Lindsay because he is way faster than her.

I have been having some pain with a muscle in the top of my leg but it didn't hurt that bad and I had been working so hard to train so I decided to run anyway. After chasing Lindsay for the first mile I tried to settle into my own pace but I felt so slow because everyone kept passing me. Turns out I was actually going a bit faster than my goal pace. My two goals were to not walk and to get between 2:10 and 2;20. Mile five felt really good but by mile six I was struggling with major pain in my hip. (Probably because I was running differently to keep the strain off my leg). I was way frustrated because I have never ever had problems with my hips before. I ended up walking a bit and wishing the run was over. I ran most of the last mile and was surprised to see that my time was under 2:23, I had felt like I was doing way worse. I was so happy to see Andrew and Alex cheering for me at the end and crossing the finish was so rewarding. I still kinda feel like I failed because I didn't make either of my goals and I wish that I had been in better shape so it wasn't so hard.Plus my hip hurt so bad I almost cried leaving the park. I was able to keep smiling throughout the miles of pain, the temptation stop where guys handed out beer and burgers and twinkies had me laughing out loud, I waved and smiled at the Tyko drummers and by the end I was waving and trying to get any cheers of encouragement from spectators along the road. 
I now have a dead toenail, a fever blister, sore muscles in my legs, back and abs, a sore hip, shin splints and I still have this annoying pulled muscle at the top of my leg. Not to mention I could barely walk for about three days. Yet a part of me wants to sign up again so I can prove that I am not a failure. Then the other part of me tells me that I am CRAZY!

Thanks to Lindsay for letting me talk you into the run and my wonderful hubby for encouraging me and to Dad and Marie for making the weekend wonderful and supporting us and playing with my kiddos while I barely moved for the rest of the weekend. 


  1. Yay! You are so awesome! Way to go!! Plus, McKenna in the candy bucket is hilarious!!

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