Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baby Girl Turned 1!!!!!

Am I the only one who is sad to see my children grow up? My sweet little girl turned one and I don't know how that tiny angel turned into a busy, chatty, darling little girl.

We had a quiet party at home, Alex insisted on "helping" his sister open her gifts and then he even let her play with them a little. 
 We of course had a smash cake. Andrew thought Mckenna would go for it pretty aggressively. I did not agree and I was proved right. We took video at first and she tentatively stuck her fingers in the frosting. Sometimes she put her face up to the cake but she always backed away without taking a bite.

 Eventually she did go for it a little more.

By the end she had eaten quite a bit. She loved it of course.

Mckenna is such a bright spot in our lives. Since she joined our family she has been happy and content, I don't know what I did to deserve such a good baby but I hope the trend continues. I am sure Heavenly Father knew that the ups and downs of medical school would be hard for me to deal with so he sent me this sweet girl to brighten my days.

Mckenna has five teeth now, they have grown in in a crazy order and her bottom two are crooked, I see orthodontic work in our future.
Mckenna started walking one week before her birthday.
Mckenna loves to carry things around, especially clothes, usually she finds the ones in her hamper in her bedroom, her second favorite choice is to get brother's underwear and carry that around (it's clean I promise).
Sometimes Mckenna loves to eat then other days she'll only eat yogurt and Cuties. Cuties are definitely her favorite food.
When I brush Mckenna's hair I say "pretty Kenna" in a sing-song voice. Now she joins in with her own song and it is adorable. She likes having her hair brushed, even if she only has a little bit.
Over the past couple of weeks Mckenna has gotten very chatty, I'm sure she is telling me whats what.
Mckenna likes to dance to music, sometimes it is almost like she can't help but move to the beat. Even when she is in her high chair and I sing to her she bounces her head up and down.
Mckenna also bounces her head up and down when she approves of what you are doing, especially if it means you are putting ice cream into her mouth.
Mckenna says Mama when she is sad or when she wants something, she says Dada when she is looking for Andrew. She says Alex when we are calling to him and she says Cheese when the camera is pointed at her.
Mckenna loves Alex, he can make her laugh way more often than mom and dad can, no matter what silly antics they try.
Mckenna gets into everything, she is at the age where the garbage can and the toilet and the fire place are just fascinating. I'm pretty sure she understands when I'm telling her no but she only listens about a third of the time.
Mckenna is busy and active, gone are my days of cuddling. I can't even rock my little girl to sleep anymore.
Mckenna loves attention and has always been a smiley, happy girl. She has gotten a bit more feisty lately. I have learned to recognize the sound she makes when Alex is not letting her do what she wants to.
Mckenna is a climber and a mover, I spend all of our time at the library trying to keep her from standing on and knocking over the small chairs. Church is a constant contest for her to see how far she can get from mom and dad before they come and get her.
I love my Kenna Kenna and I am so thankful that she is such a bright spot in our family, she definitely has all of us wrapped around her little fingers.

Happy Birthday Kenna!!!!

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