Monday, December 8, 2014

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

Less than a week after arriving home from Utah we found ourselves headed back. Andrew's only required class the week of Thanksgiving was canceled so after seeing that there was a storm warning lasting from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday, we decided to impose on my dad and Marie even more by heading over early for Thanksgiving.

We filled the week with as much fun as we could since there is a very good chance that we won't get to vacation as much next year when Andrew is doing his rotations.

 Hiking to Delicate Arch! Andrew and I have been married for six and a half years and this is the first time I have taken him to Delicate Arch.
 This little guy hiked the whole way to the arch by himself. I carried Mckenna so that Andrew could help him and he didn't need help at all! Sometimes I'm amazed at how grown up he is (sniff sniff).

 Yes Alex was as scared as he looks to be up on the ledge with his dad.

 I love this picture, and I sure love these two cuties!

 Alex, sporting his jammies and this very stylish wig, decided to join us for our Insanity work-out. That little guy jumped and bounced and stretched and probably burned way more calories than the rest of us.
Sisters! We missed you Tori and Tonya!

Gingerbread houses!!

 Andrew was very offended that Lindsay and I unashamedly ate the last piece of pecan pie.
 Hiking to False Kiva. The drive to get there was windy and gross and the hike was STEEP. With four babies and two little children it was quite a feat getting us all there and then back up. Plus the kiva was not very impressive. Good thing we like being with family and still had a good time.

 Notice the photo-bomber back there?

 We played games and snuggled babies and ate lots of food and I am so grateful that I have so many blessings in my life. Much of the week was spent going through my Mom's journals and working on a memory book for her. I'm thankful that she was so amazing and set a wonderful example for me and I'm thankful for Marie's efforts in making such a special book for us to cherish.

 This very active, very busy little girl turned ten months old! At ten months Mckenna has one tooth, now crawls on her knees instead of her feet, she pulls herself to standing all the time and often tries standing on her own for a few seconds.She loves attention and still gives smiles freely. She LOVES eating and is very offended if you walk away during meal times, or when her food runs out. She is much more vocal and yells or growls when things are not how she wants them to be. Alex and Mckenna still love each other so so much and get along pretty well. Mckenna doesn't sleep well when we are traveling so this last month has been a bit rough but she usually does well at night. Since the Day-light savings time change she wakes up at 6:30 to everyone's dismay but after I nurse her she usually goes back to sleep for a little while. She jabbers lots and lots sometimes saying mama and dada. My favorite is when she says "dug-a-dug-a-dug-a." We sure love this happy little girl!

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