Sunday, December 7, 2014

Back in Cedar City

Yep I went to spend another week in Utah at the beginning of November. I hung out with Lindsay and her zillions of babies and got to see my fun aunts. I love being with family more than anything in the world. Some of the fun things we did during the week were: painting, cooking, eating, playing at the park, going to the library, shopping, running (just Lindsay and I), watching movies and blowing bubbles.
 After loading all the pictures I'm realizing this post is mainly my cute kids and their cute cousins. What can I say? They are cute!
 Goof ball

 Alex loves those babies still, after a week his desire to feed them their bottles only waned slightly.

 These two sure love to be together, it is so funny how even though they don't always get along, they still won't stay away from one another.

So glad these ladies came to snuggle the babies

 Yes there were a zillion kids in the house, at one point Alex came running into Lindsay and Carson's bedroom while we were all trying to get ready for church and said "Carson there are three babies crying!" The saddest part was that in reality Alex had also taken a toy away from Kynlee so really FOUR babies were crying at the time.

 I'm so glad that my wonderful hubby went along with this crazy plan of driving me to Moab, then him driving home while I continued on to Cedar. A week later he flew to Vegas and Carson picked him up so that he could play for one day then drive us all back home. He is amazing! Thanks so much Andrew!!

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