Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christmas Prep!

I must admit that my husband is one of the biggest Christmas enthusiasts I know. Once we got back into town after our Thanksgiving travels he was in Christmas mode. Even though my house was a complete mess all week this does make me happy and his enthusiasm must be contagious because our two cuties seem to have caught it.

 Alex hung ornaments all over the house!

 And he is just adorable!
 This little girl also loved the ornaments, seriously she couldn't keep her hands off of them.

I know my photography skills are seriously lacking not to mention my darling baby girl had already attacked the bottom of the tree, but this is the only picture I have of the tree up and decorated. Alex named the tree Nori this year, I loved the name and the fact that he came up with the name on his own. I love Christmas and I love the wonderful festiveness all the decorations add to my home (even if Nori was super dry and we had to vacuum almost daily because of her). It is so fun to share the excitement with my kiddos.

As part of our Christmas preparations we attended the ward Christmas breakfast and the kids got to see Santa. Below is the progression of the visit.

 Alex chatted with Santa and told him that he wanted a car that you can drive.
 Then Mckenna got to join in the fun, she stared at Santa...
 And stared...
 then she reached out her hand...
 and yeah, got it trapped in Santa's beard. Was she testing to see if he was the real deal?

 After re-adjusting the ridiculously heavy headbands that Mckenna and I were wearing and a million picture attempts we did end up with a good pic.
 We were able to go to the Zoo Lights. It was pretty cool, they have all kinds of animals and Christmas decorations done in lights. It is way convenient to walk around and see all kinds of lights instead of having to drive around and try to find the good neighborhoods.

Sadly the batteries in the camera died early in the night so we don't have many pics, but you can trust me it was pretty cool. 

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