Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crazy Colorado Weather and Color Run!

You may have seen on the news all of the crazy flooding that has gone on in the Denver area, we have been lucky to not see anything too bad in our area but I did take some pictures of the pond outside our apartment that is usually empty but can fill up super fast when the rain comes down hard. I also took pics of the bridges and channels that wind around the complex.

 Alex and I went outside for two minutes to take these pictures and we got completely soaked.
 The no longer empty channels and the bridges.
 Ten minutes after taking the pics above, the pond had flooded even more (this is taken from my apartment window because there was no way I was going back out there). These pics were taken on the 12th.
On the 14th there was a really scary storm in the evening with hail and major wind. On the roads the water was really deep. Andrew got caught in it on the way home from studying at the school, he said that when he was at a stop light the whole car would shake as other vehicles would pull up and cause waves to hit it.

Before the big storm on Saturday my ward hosted a color run for the young men and young women (did I mention I have been called as a young women's advisor). My  family was able to attend, Andrew got to throw color and take pictures. I ran the entire 5K and Alex was a little cheerleader, I think his favorite part was the water fight after the run.

 I ran with my pregnant belly and I did tease the boys when they let me pass them. I was way sore for the rest of the day though.

Alex brought me my water bottle and his sippy so I could fill this up for him to shoot water. Funny guy.


  1. That storm is nothing you will have to see the pics of our storm last night. It had huge hailstones and it even killed a pigeon in our yard.