Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alex Alex Alex, Plus a Trip to Cherry Creek Reservoir

My little guy is growing up so fast and is so much fun. My ward has a play group scheduled every week and we like to go and make new friends, plus it is in a different location every time so we have gotten to explore lots of different parks and splash pads. Centennial has a way cool splash pad, it took Alex a while to warm up to it, at first he only liked to play in the drain grooves, but then he caught on and thought it was great!

There is a racquetball court at the apartments where we live so one night when mom was way sick Andrew took Alex over to play. He loved running around and chasing the balls. He asked to go home after a while because he was all tuckered out.

Playing with pie crust while dinner baked

Wearing Mom's red heels after church
"You see my hiding place mom?"
All Alex
  • When trying to see the mirror while Dad was doing his hair for church. 
Alex: "I can't see my Alex!"
  • While I was patting his back one evening
Alex: "Its not a drum it's a shirt! It's a shirt, it's like a shirt."
  • After hurting his toe.
Alex: "I just need milk, little bit."
  • During a conversation the other night.
Me: "Are you lying?
Alex: "No I'm not lying."
Me: "Do you know what lying is?"

Gotta love that little guy!!!!

Over Labor Day weekend a group at Andrew's school held a social over at Cherry Creek Reservoir so we decided to go. It was a hot day and the water was so nice. We spent the day playing in the waves and chillin on the beach. We all went home a little pink but it was way fun.

 Alex was so excited to try out his new Spiderman inner tube, at first he just threw it in the water so I thought he didn't like it or was nervous to try it but then when Dad went out to help him use it he loved it so so much.


  1. Spent hours this afternoon enjoying all the darling pix and comments of your fantastic family! Brilliant Alex in RED heals is my new screen saver. Thank you so much for sharing...they make me both laugh and cry!
    Love to all, Aunt Lulu