Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinterest Challenge!

Since being introduced to Pinterest I have spent a lot of time creating boards and pinning recipes and  crafts and cleaning tips and exercise routines and much more. I occasionally try a recipe or make a fun craft or gift, but I don't think the time equals out. This is a way for me to hopefully invest my time better.  I also don't want Pinterest to be a way for me to envy others and their great style, and beautiful homes and their wonderful talents, thus making me feel bad about myself. I want it to be a tool for helping me better myself and my home and family.

So here is my Pinterest challenge!!! My sister is doing it with me and anyone else who wants to try it. You choose 7 pins (or more if you want) and try to accomplish them in two weeks. This can be making a new recipe, trying a new work-out or even just wearing an outfit, anything will work as long as the inspiration comes from one of your pins on Pinterest. Document your efforts and blog about them after the two weeks. I'm excited to see everyone's posts!!

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