Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Pinterest Challenge

 I thought the Pinterest Challenge for May was a huge success! Andrew didn't work much after graduation so I had lots of time to try new recipes and, which is mostly what I did. I attempted more crafts than I was able to finish so they will have to be featured some other time.

 This was my Mother's Day outfit inspired by this outfit. 

 I made Andrew these gifts for our anniversary after finding the pictures that you can see above.

I made corn dogs for dinner one night, I thought  they sounded so yummy and then when I made them, I remembered I am not a big fan of corn dogs, Andrew loved them though. I got the recipe here. As we were frying we decided to fry some other things as well, you know carrots and cheese, we almost did Oreos, but I was feeling too gross by then. 

This may be my new favorite dessert. It was so so so yummy!!!
 I've always wanted to try a crockpot breakfast casserole and, this one was so so so great. I only made half of the recipe and we had leftovers.
 I'm always willing to try new cookie recipes, this one was tasty, but it is one that requires you to chill the dough, so it for those times when you think "I'll be in the mood for cookies tomorrow," you know, if that ever happens to you.
Along with trying lots of recipes and attempting a few crafts over the last couple of weeks, I also (with some help from Alex) sent my camera through the washer, so yeah, some of these pictures are not my own. This smoothie was really yummy though and it was so great to have something other than the same old smoothie I make most mornings.

Maybe next time I do a challenge I will try some of the workouts instead of only recipes. But I did end up feeling super productive after completing all of these pins.

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  1. Wahoo, you've inspired me to actually do the things I pin