Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!!

Question: Am I the only person that has to spend 20 minutes messing with the pictures to get a post to look decent?? Seriously, I always think I've got blogspot figured out but no, I have to fight with it every time. Wouldn't you think that clicking on "align right" would mean the pictures would actually align on the right? Anyway onto the post.

We're getting ready for Halloween!!!

The this last Saturday was the only chance Andrew and I would have to carve pumpkins before Halloween so we did, even though I do realize that by the time Halloween comes they will be all shriveled and distorted (Carving book says you can soak a jack-o-lantern in water and it will un-shrivel).

Brennan and Emma came to carve with us, and we finished the night by watching Coraline, which totally creeped me out.

Andrew's is farthest left, then Brennan's, then Emma's, and mine is the one with the pathetic candle in it. I never remember to buy candles for the pumpkins so we had to light them with decorative candles left over from a wedding, there were only three of those though, so my pumpkin was lit with a scented candle that had a very small wick. My pumpkin did smell the best though, cinnamon!!


  1. oh my gosh! how much fun ... weird to see a picture of Brennan. It reminds me of when we decked out our apartment for halloween. That was fun!

  2. How fun Megan! BTW you aren't the only one who fights with blogspot. I do all the time. I was beginning to think I was just an idiot, but it is nice to know someone else has to fight with it too!

  3. Hey! I'm glad you posted some pictures of my brother and his girlfriend (I have seen but one picture of her, and I have yet to meet her in person)!

    Those are some sweet-action pumpkins!

  4. can you guys come and carve my pumpkin, I don't really need a pumpkin just want to see you!
    They are awesume.