Sunday, March 29, 2009

Healthy Snacks!

So you could say Megan and I have turned into
health nuts (I prefer the term "nutritionally aware"). We are finding all kinds of opportunities to replace the snack of yesteryear with some new and exciting snack that is fun and nutrient rich! Sometimes we even spice up these new healthy snacks by adding a little something special (see the m&ms replacing every other raisin on my peanut butter and celery snack).
Really though, we are working on weening ourselves off the sweet stuff that seems to dominate our free time. We are looking for some alternative snacks that are still tasty so please do share! Thanks!



  1. Craisins (although they usually sweeten them with a little sugar.)
    Spinach ( I like to eat this raw and plain, but it tastes good with home made Lunchables made with Triscuits and turkey.)
    PLAIN yogurt (no sugar, no calories, no nothin- Sometimes I mix it with salsa, or honey)
    Beans (my roommate snacks on plastic baggies of Garbonzo, but I like pinto or red. They're not too messy if you drain them.)

  2. We like to eat fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt with fruit and granola.

  3. Snap peas and sugar peas are a hit at my work.