Sunday, February 1, 2015


We got to go spend Christmas with my Dad and Marie. All of my siblings were there, except for Stacy. We sure do have lots of little ones now, the place was crazy but there is always a baby to snuggle!
 New Christmas jammies! This is one of my favorite traditions.

 So excited to find toothpaste in his stocking!
 Santa must have known that this little girl wants to walk so badly.

 Playing games! We got to do that a lot during the week. Despite many attempts I never managed to win the farming game.

 This kid is seriously cute!

 And this girl is adorable!
 Since we had a white Christmas we went out behind the house the day after Christmas to go for another day of sledding.

 There wasn't too much snow so some people took all the snow with them when they went down the hill so everyone ended up muddy. Luckily a second hill was located and more fun was had, by everyone, except me and tired Mckenna, we left early and the poor girl fell asleep before we even made it back to the house.
Does this look like the most efficient way to get the sled back up the hill?

The kids had so much fun, they have such fun Dads and uncles who will make sure they all get to play.

I love Christmas and family and it was really nice for Andrew to have a break from school so we could hang out. We ate yummy food (Andrew loved my Dad's famous prime rib this year) and laughed and played games and I hope we all tried to think about the Savior and the wonderful gift he is in our lives. I'm always so sad when the holiday is over and the magical season ends. Lucky for me 2nd Christmas was waiting at home, so watch for that post coming up.

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