Sunday, February 15, 2015

Alex is 4!!!!

I can't believe it! It breaks my heart to see my little buddy growing up.

 Andrew put up the banner and when Alex woke up in the morning he kept saying "Thank you for the Ninja Turtles sign." I was so happy that I could do something so simple to make the day special for him.

 Mckenna liked the cupcakes!

Alex loves pancakes so we had those for breakfast, we got to go to Andrew's school for institute and pizza. Andrew came home early so he and Alex could play games and then as per Alex's request, we had chili for dinner. We had a few friends over for a little party and Alex loved the attention. For his birthday he got TMNT stickers and some cars and a car carrier that holds up to 40 cars. He loves the car carrier but it lives on a high shelf because he doesn't want little sister to take the cars off, even though I keep telling him that is it easy to put them back on.
A few thoughts on my wonderful 4 year old:
Alex is very thoughtful and loves to share, when we go places he packs extra cars so his friends will have ones to play with.
Alex is very social and loves to make friends at the park or the library or the play place at McDonald's.
Alex gives wonderful hugs and kisses and he tells me I'm beautiful.
Alex is full of energy and we are constantly telling him to stop stomping and jumping because we have downstairs neighbors.
Alex loves to race, getting into the car or back into the house or eating food are our main races.
Alex doesn't pick favorites, he likes everything. I could never tell you what cartoons he will choose to watch in the morning or what kind of books he will get at the library. Alex's interests include: Thomas the train, TMNT, The Avengers, Legos, Toy Story, Dora the Explorer, Curious George, Oomi Zoomis,  Spiderman and anything that has to do with cars.
Alex is getting to be a better eater and even when I know he isn't thrilled with the meal (cause it's not chili) he still says "Thank you for this delicious dinner."  (Yes he does copy his dad a lot.)
Alex loves to play in the bathtub or go swimming. If Mckenna is getting in the bath he is sure to follow.
Alex LOVES playing on phones or tablets, he usually ends up watching videos or cartoons on You Tube. If I would let him he would spend all day on the electronic devices. Of course I would never spend the morning cleaning or reading or getting stuff done while the screen babysits, what kind of mother do you thing I am?
Every night and before naps (yes I still make my 4 year old take naps) Alex has to have stories and songs. When he is not a good listener he sometimes gets those taken away and you would almost think that the world had ended when that happens.
Alex is starting to really enjoy singing. During sacrament meeting Andrew whispers the words of the hymns to him so he can sing along. He has started Primary now and is so happy to go to singing time.
I have been trying to do "school" with Alex a couple of days a week and he absolutely loves it. I think the one on one time makes him feel really special. He Knows most of the alphabet now and can recognize the numbers from 1 to 10. We are working on double digits.
Alex is the best big brother in the world. He loves to help take care of his sister and he is especially good at getting toys for her to play with or pushing her on her ride-n-go. Mckenna is getting a little more independent and that has been hard for Alex because he definitely wants to hug and snuggle more than she does.
Lately Alex has been using his imagination more and doing better with playing independently.
Alex isn't always the best listener and lately he can't remember that we don't yell and make random loud noises in the house but he is a great kid. He is thoughtful and kind and fun. His enthusiasm is contagious and his smile melts my heart. I'm so glad that I get to be his mom and spend my days with my happy little guy!

Happy Birthday Alex!!! I love you!!!

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