Sunday, August 24, 2014

June!! (Yes I'm still way behind)

Andrew only went to school for part of June, then began our crazy busy, 6 weeks of summer vacation. We spent the first week and a half at home cleaning the house and going on picnics or visiting the library or playing at the park. Sadly I took very few pictures.

 After being put to bed this is how I found Alex's cars when I went to check on him. Seeing little cars and little shoes around the house makes me happy. Any other kind of mess tends to make me grumpy.
 We got a deal on Rockies tickets (then spent our whole budget on parking) so we headed downtown for a game. I think the games are lots of fun and Alex usually stays entertained. Sadly the Rockies did not win.

 Mckenna started solids, sometimes she likes to eat and sometimes not so much. I really don't like the mess of this stage of eating. Although I have learned that the mess continues from now on, maybe it will end when my children go to college.

 This is his house, can't you tell?? And his snacks.
 No good picture for her at 5 months, but I did include the progression of the picture taking attempt.

 Then of course big brother joined in.
I just love these two kiddos so much!

The final weekend of June we traveled to Moab to visit Grandpa Joe and Grandma Marie. We had a fun fun weekend and they were so sweet to us in helping us make marshmallow guns and a Kube game and taking Andrew to the Arches for the very first time. They then saved us when our air conditioner broke in our car as we headed to Arizona by letting us borrow Marie's Traverse. Dad and Marie are so generous and kind to us and we just love being with them! Thanks so much for the fun weekend!!!
 We went to sand dune Arch because Alex LOVES to play in the sand.

 Grandpa and Mckenna just chillin

 We of course went to The Diner, because it is my favorite place to eat in Moab!

 How come messy ice cream faces are so so cute?
 Alex still always prays that Grandpa and Marie can play play dough and paint with him so they bought paint and play dough at the store. We may or may not have competed to see who could make the best clay figures. Don't tell Dad, but I totally won!

At one point during the weekend Andrew was trying to keep Alex awake in the car (I would have been grouchy with him too). This is the progression of waking and then cheering Alex up. 

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