Monday, June 23, 2014

So so behind - Part three: Pictures, pictures, pictures, and a few more pictures!

We are loving life with our two kiddos! Andrew's classes and time at school became fewer and farther in between well before summer break actually began, we have loved having him around more to play with us. 

My amazing friend Tasha took some family pictures for us us and I am in love with them! I have some seriously cute kids, and a handsome husband (who sometimes has a goofy smile).

 This little girl makes me smile all day long.

 This little goof makes me laugh all the time!

 This picture was taken on Mother's day, I tried really hard to make the day a fun a positive one. There were many tears shed during the first two hours of church, I  don't think the empty place in my heart where my mom belongs will ever be gone. But I must say I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father gave me such a wonderful mother to miss. He also has given me two wonderful children! On this wonderful day I received my first piece of homemade jewelry from my little boy, it was so special.

This little girl turned 4 months old. I think I say this in every update, but she is growing up way too fast for me.
 I kept telling Andrew not to put Mckenna in the little circle chair ( I really have no idea what this thing is called). I kept saying she wasn't big enough- just a little bit of denial on my part. She loves the thing, especially when we put toys all around her for her to grab and hold.

 Since Andrew didn't have any classes we went camping on Memorial day with Nick and Tasha. Andrew could sit around a campfire every night. I love that camping makes him so happy because it sure is a lot of work!

 The entire trip all the kids cared about were "their sticks".

I know it looks super uncomfortable, but I find it adorable when my babies fall asleep in the Bumbo.


  1. awww, the picture of you and your two kiddos is priceless. cant wait to see you guys!