Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! What a wondeful time of year! I always think my favorite time of year is Christmas and I love the snow but there's something about the newness of spring that makes me giddy :-) I'm at SUU right now, ready for a day of study but I wanted to take a minute and give thanks for the most important things in my life.
Most importantly, I'm grateful for my Savior, Jesus the Christ. He lived a perfect life. The only being capable of doing so in the history of this earth. I know he truly lived, and that what we see now is not some exaggeration or myth of a mortal man that was good or even great. He is the son of God. He came to give everything for us. He succeeded in providing all of us here on Earth with the opportunity to change. Because of Him we can overcome our selfish and carnal wants and desires in order to live a better way. His way. Through his gift of the atonement we can become more like him each day, until one day we find ourselves bowing before his feet.
 It is my deepest desire that he will look upon me and say "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." I know he lives again. I know he loves me and everyone you and I know. And he always will. If we go to Him, He will see us though any pain or trial. Just as he came forth from the tomb, overcoming death itself, so can he bring us through whatever we need to experience to learn of Him and his ways, renewed in Him and ready for the next steps in our path back home.

 Next, I'm grateful for my beautiful bride! I know that through the power of God my wife and I have been joined not only in this life, but for all eternity. We have an enduring love that will carry on beyond the grave and no matter what happens, I know I will always love her. I know her. She is good and caring. I see her dedication to strengthening her relationship with God each day and I appreciate how she considers the needs of others around her. She points things out to me I never would have considered, and yet, which seem the most obvious and worthy options. She is a great wife and companion and a wonderful mother. It kind of blows me away how I can still look at her or watch her walk into a room and get butterflies. I love her so much! Thanks for being so great, Megan!

 I am so grateful for my little buddy! Being a father is somewhat like I expected, but I couldn't understand the depth of love I'd feel for this little guy until he arrived. For any doubters that say parenting is lame or life more "fun" without kids have no idea what life is all about. It is so amazing to take part in shaping this little guy as he grows. I love the things he says and the funny things he does. He loves his mom so much! He insists on giving her hugs and kisses often, sometimes for no obvious reason. A lot of times he'll look at her with a grin on his face and just giggle, and he loves to see Megan and I hugging. He giggles then too and usually runs up and asks to join in on the hug with the two of us!

 There is so much more in my life for which to be happy, but this post is already much longer than I originally planned so I'll just thank my wonderful family, friends, and everyone in between for being there for Meg and I. We love you guys!

Now, on to the Easter festivities!


We came downstairs first thing Easter morning to find a basket from the Easter Bunny! He loves Thomas the train and was happy to play with the book all morning (it makes fun sounds). Being a huge marshmallow fan, he immediately wanted to eat the frog on a stick.

 There was an Easter Egg hunt Saturday morning. Alex enjoyed putting eggs in the basket but he quickly became more interested by all the kids (and the parents) packed into such a small space and running around like crazy people scooping up eggs. He only ended up with seven eggs but he enjoyed himself and he got to meet the Easter bunny and even give him a high-five!

  Easter afternoon Alex and Mom went for a walk while Dad had the Easter Bunny come place some eggs for Alex to find. The city egg hunt was fun but the most of the parents went a little crazy and made it last about 30 seconds so this was a nice chance for Alex to take his time and enjoy the hunt. He liked finding the eggs, but his favorite part was definitely opening the eggs to find CANDY!!!

We also made cookies in celebration of the holiday. Alex is such a big help in the kitchen!

Here are some of the cookies. The ones that look good are Megan and Lindsay's. I frosted some also and Alex helped eat them!

Happy Easter! I feel so fortunate to have spent this holiday with my two favorite people!

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  1. Oh Andrew Thank you!!! What great pictures, I am glad you guys had so much fun. I'm also glad that you posted today, because I just helped my Dad bookmark the sites yesterday. Thanks for being such a great person, we are so lucky to have you in our family.