Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Weekend in Cali

Here are some pictures that we took at the beach during our super fast trip to California. We ended up only taking pictures at the beach (aside from two that I took in the hotel room) but the reason we went was for my uncle John's baptism. The trip was so fun and totally worth the 10 hours that it took to get there. Alex was a champ in the car, we only had to stop once so that I could feed him, other than that he was happy with bottles and rice cereal.

Highlights of the trip were:

  • The Nestle Toll House Cafe that my mom spotted where she got us each a huge ice cream sandwich

  • Learning how to accidently call Onstar

  • The nice man who stands outside my aunt and uncle's gated community telling people the code

  • The beach!!!!

  • Alex only waking up once in the night in the hotel room

  • Purposely calling Onstar when we got lost and were late for the baptism

  • The wonderful baptism

  • Getting to spend the weekend with my wonderful parents and two aunts and one uncle!
I sure love these guys!!

This was after Alex face-planted in the sand.

I love the beach! Every time I go to California I am reminded of that, the weather was so great and I just love the flowers and the ocean and the beach and the palm trees. I can totally see myself as a beach bum.

I love this picture!! My mom was nice enough to let me talk her into coming to the beach with us so she could take pictures, then she sat with Alex on the beach so Andrew and I could play in the waves! I know they both loved it, later she thanked me for having her come saying "How often do you get to sit on the beach with your grandson?"


  1. WOW he is sitting soo well! Too cute.

  2. These pictures are soooo cute!!!!