Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eclairs, Toys and the 4th of July

So here is a quick catch up on what we've been doing this month. On Sunday I made eclairs, and they were way easy and so so so so yummmy, I couldn't stop eating them. I was pretty proud of myself (you could probably tell since I considered them worth putting on the blog).

Andrew frosted them for me!

Alex is so lucky to have a fun daddy and a fun uncle nearby who will take time to play with him. The track and cars are a $2 yard sale find. After I took pictures they got more creative with the track, making it go over the bean bag chair and onto the couch.

The guys were sad that the cars wouldn't go around the exer-saucer because of the toys, then they realized they could just put the track over the toys...

Then they had to hold Alex's hands away because he would grab the cars. Ha.

Aunt Tonya gave Alex these great shoes, since I think every one should wear red, white and blue for the 4th of July we got them out so Alex could wear them. He loves them!! Only not so much to actually wear on his feet, they are so great to suck on, especially those laces.

Am I a bad mom because I let my baby suck on his shoes all the time??

We packed the 4th with fun. Andrew and Alex and I went to the parade late, then left early because it was pretty lame. Then Lindsay and Carson came over and we played basketball. Alex was not very happy to be left out so we were all pretty happy when he fell asleep in the stroller so we could play.

We had a BBQ and then tried to make some homemade ice cream. Even though we left it in the ice cream maker for hours it still never got past the consistancy of a runny milkshake. It was still tasty though.

The fireworks in Cedar are not set off from a higher area so we tried to get to a high spot so we could see them. They were still pretty lame, it was more fun watching people set off fireworks at the park near our house.

Though not very impressive, we still had fun seeing the firework show. See my cute family in our patriotic attire? I love the 4th of July!!

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